Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I for one am welcoming 2009 with open arms! We're having a nice quiet evening at home.

See you all next year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From our house to yours

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Pretty Much Sums It Up

It's so cold! So very cold -28C/-35C with the winchill. I thought I left this behind when we moved from Manitoba, temperatures hitting -50 with the windchill were not uncommon there. The winter before we moved here we had a month of -50 straight. Ugh.

Am I thankful that there is no school for the next 2 weeks? Heck ya! We can "hibernate". I feel sorry for my heating bill, it's won't be pretty. I will likely need CPR after I open it up.

The bright side? Only 5 more sleeps til Santa comes. Yay!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I've been lost

Lost in a world of Christmas decorating, shopping, baking, concerts, wrapping. The list never ends in December does it? We finally got our tree up last weekend. After we re-assembled and vacuumed our artificial tree (I wish we had taken a before and after picture as it really was a "Charlie Brown tree") we got to decorating. I love lights, the more the merrier in my eyes. So I'm on my side, Bruce is on his side and we are each doing our sides the way we like it. Bruce pushes his lights into the tree, I like mine near the end of the branches. Can you imagine how that looked?? LOL. Interesting! The kids just sat back, watched and laughed. There is nothing more relaxing to me that sitting in a room with just the tree lights on, I miss the real tree smell this year but the budget didn't allow for one.

This being the last week of school before Christmas Break we have concerts for Morgyn and Kamryn. Jillian has her "birthday" party at pre-school. Yup she's excited. This is Morgyns last concert, she has decided not to continue on in band next year. It makes her former band geek Momma kinda sad, but they grow up and make their decisions.

I dragged my poor husband to the mall on Saturday for 3 very long hours. It's a good thing he loves me, I pushed my limits after hour 3 LOL. This is always a hard time of the year for me as I miss my shopping buddy, it was always my BFF and I out there at the weird hours shopping for our families etc. It's when I miss her the most.

We did our Christmas cards a few weeks back, I usually just do the girls pictures. But this year Bruce and I joined in. We invited my Aunt over for a "photo shoot" and then I played with them on fhotoflexer. I love having a teenager who can show you how to do all these fun things. These were my favorites:

Friday, November 7, 2008

So what's in your playlist?

My favorite songs change quite often. I love to put on a good play list and get to cleaning. Here are my faves at the moment.

1. Womanizer, Britney Spears
2. Love Remains The Same, Gavin Rossdale
3. Troubador, George Straight
4. Hot and Cold, Katy Perry
5. Everybody Want To Go To Heaven, Kenny Chesney
6. All Summer Long, Kid Rock
7. Better In Time, Leona Lewis
8. Just Dance, Lady Gaga
9. Disturbia, Rhianna
10. Love Story, Taylor Swift
11. Last Dollar, Tim McGraw
12. I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry
13. She Never Cried In Front of Me, Toby Keith
14. Let It Go, Tim McGraw
15. Beautiful You Are, Deborah Cox
16. Fly On the Wall, Miley Cyrus
17. So What, Pink

I kind of like an assortment of music.
So what are your favorite songs on your playlists these days?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twilight Fever

I have been bitten (no pun intended) by the Twilight fever that has been gripping one and all. Or at least it seems that way. I had never heard of the book until 2 weeks ago and my BFF said to me "You have got to get this book, it's awesome!" So on my last trip to Costco I headed on over to the book section and there it was.

How my hot little hands burned to get it home and start reading. It took a few days for me to actually get to start it, but Saturday was the day. I finished it yesterday. It was that captivating. Being sick helped, I had an excuse to laze on the couch and read amongst the coughing/sniffling/nose blowing.

I feel like Harry Potter mania has hit again. Except this story involves vampires, not wizards. I fought the urge to go online and "see" what the actors from the filmed looked like, I wanted to form an opinion in my mind first. I'm glad I did, they look like they should to me.

Morgyn has now taken over the book. Myself I need to get to the bookstore for the other books in the series, apparently I'm a few books behind.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow I've been a bad blogger, good reader but bad blogger. This month has gone so fast! I think I'll plug Jillian, she has survived her 1st full month of pre-school and has done so well. She had her very first field trip to the Prairie Garden pumpkin patch on the big yellow school bus, which she absolutely loved. The look of delight on her face as the bus pulled out of the parking lot was priceless.

There was a puppet show to enjoy, a lunch, a walk thru of the labyrinth, of course farm animals

and a little pumpkin to take home.

Of course with Halloween tomorrow Jillian also had her 1st Halloween party. It was a big hit, as we walked home she told me "that was the best party". Too cute. I found the her Snow White costume for dirt cheap, $4 plus $6 for the shoes.

Stuffing the headless Scaregirl.

Like my witches hand?

Mmmmmm cupcakes

With the big day tomorrow the girls are exctied, costumes are ready to go. Halloween assemblies are on scheduled and dances have been planned. Add soem trick-or-treating and all is good.

Today is a bittersweet day though, my dad passed 11 years ago. Oh how he loved Halloween. The pumpkin carving, the handing out candy. How he would have loved seeing his grandkids all dressed up.

Miss you Dad. xxxx

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's here!

I have been avoiding this for awhile now. What you may ask is that?? Well my 100th post! It should be an exciting time but then I go ya but but that means I need to do the 100 things about me and I get scared because I'm not sure I even know that many things LOL. But here goes.

100 Things About Me

1. I was born 6 weeks early.
2. Weighing 3lb 2oz.
3. I was a rat-like looking baby, sad but true.
4. I was called Tea-Cup Jacquelyn.
5. I actually could fit in the palm of someones hand, strange thought huh!
6. I was cared for by great people since I'm still here, which I think is pretty good considering I was born in 1974.
7. I had a great friend in my Nanny until I was 3 then she passed, I still long for time I have missed with her.
8. I have 2 Dad's
9. One is in Heaven. He raised me, and was awesome.
10. The other I have seen probably twice since I was 3, his loss.
11. I have 3 sisters. One older, two younger.
12. I remember only bits and pieces of my childhood, not sure why that is.
13. My Cabbage Patch Kid's name was Lyle Graham. I still have him.
14. I got a tape recorder one year for Christmas, yes a tape recorder LOL.
15. And a Twisted Sister cassette tape.
16. I guess that is when my love for Hairspray bands came about!
17. I camped alot as a child.
18. Nutimik Lake Whiteshell is the best camping place on earth (imo)
19. We used sticks and stones as fishing rods.
20. I caught a fish with that little set up.
21. I still remember when seat belts came into effect, I was 7 or 8.
22. I hate wood ticks!
23. I met my BFF in Gr 3 for the very 1st time.
24. We met back up in high school and are still friends.
25. I met more life long friends in junior high.
26. I was a band geek in Jr high.
27. And then in high school.
28. I played the flute.
29. We never went to band camp.
30. Our high school band was a marching band.
31. We were the only one in Manitoba.
32. We went to Moose Jaw, SK every spring for competitions.
33. I may have gotten caught drinking on one of these band trips.
34. I may have even been suspended.
35. My Mother may have said I was stupid for getting caught!
36. She may have even told the principal that.
37. My Mom was cool like that.
38. It was a lesson learned.
39. I went on a Caribbean cruise in Gr 12, what an awesome school trip.
40. I had a blast.
41. Our teacher got caught trying to not declare stuff crossing the border, what a fine example that was huh!
42. I graduated 17 years ago, it's kinda scary sounding.
43. I worked at a donut shop after I finished school
44. But my 1st job was renting tv's at a hospital by where we lived.
45. I also worked at a catering company.
46. I got pregnant when I was 20, it was an oops but a good oops.
47. It wasn't a lasting relationship then, but we're still friends now.
48. I went to school after I had Morgyn.
49. Nothing glamorous. I got my Health Care Aide certificate.
50. I called myself a professional "bum wiper", another sad but true LOL.
51. Morgyn and I were by ourselves for 2 years.
52. It was good for us.
53. I was introduced to Bruce in '96.
54. We still "owe" our friends who had this brain wave.
55. We dated even though we lived in different provinces (he was a trucker)
56. I moved to Calgary for a long hellish 8 months.
57. We lived with my future in-laws. Enough said right?
58. Went back to Winnipeg and Bruce came with us.
59. We were married in May '98.
60. Morgyns Dad was in our wedding party, ya kinda weird but we all get along.
61. I had trouble getting pregnant the next time around.
62. I knew I was the problem.
63. After 4 years I was diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome.
64. By a wonderful Dr. Lee, our miracle worker.
65. He helped me conceive Kamyrn within 3 months of meeting him (medically I mean LOL)
66. I'm thankful the problem was relatively easy to "fix".
67. I m/c our 3rd baby, it was then and still is heartbreaking.
68. I had Jillian, 1.5 years after that.
69. I packed up the kids and followed Bruce to Edmonton when I was 9 months pregnant.
70. I don't recommend moving while pregnant, it's quite emotional.
71. But I figured that was easier than moving with a new born.
72. I cried likely 10 out of the 14 hours it took us to get here.
73. Kamryn asked me at one point if I was going to ever stop.
74. Smart ass almost 4 year old she was.
75. I have adjusted to the move fairly well.
76. Although I miss my family and friends.
77. I have driven back to Winnipeg with the girls 3 times now.
78. I hate driving. But it's worth it in the end.
79. I have a bit of a crafty side.
80. I love making birthday cakes for my kids.
81. I hate cutting them up after, LOL
82. I love going to Michael's for craft ideas/projects.
83. I love a good book, when I get the chance to read.
84. I love watching the Food Network for new recipes ideas. I have tried a few.
85. I like a lot of different kinds of music.
86. I blew my concert budget last years. I saw Nickelback, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.
87. I sit on my hands when they announce concerts this year.
88. I love my husband and girls immensely.
89. I love to help someone if they need it.
90. I have a very nurturing nature.
91. I cry over the weirdest things, movies/tv's shows/books.
92. I'm a sap that's for sure.
93. I have 1 out of 3 girls that is just like me.
94. When I was a teen I caught John Stamos's sweat rag when we saw him at the car show. It was exciting when I was 14 LOL.
95. I don't think I still have it.
96. I love to keep everything, so it surprises me I threw it out.
97. I had to purge when we moved though, that was tough. But good.
98. I have a really good memory for some things. Usually strange random facts about my family and friends.
99. If I won the lottery I would have more kids.
100. I love blogging, even I don't always have a lot to say. Getting comments is kinda cool.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow It's Been Awhile

My bad! I have been away for awhile, I don't know why? Just haven't had much to say. I guess it must happen at some point?

We have a had a busy last few weeks with the start of school. I'm now the proud owner of a Gr 9 student, a Gr 2 student and a pre-schooler. Yep I'm choked about that one. Jillian just finished her 1st week of pre-school. It was a better day today, Monday not so much. We had alot of tears, I wish I could say they were just Jillian but ahhh not so much. Today she told me that she was a "big girl" and would do alright, and she did.

So we're settling into a nice fall back to school schedule. The weather has been beautiful the last week, cool at night but still hitting the 20's in the day. I love a nice cold night to snuggle under the blankets and up to a DH.

So you know what I've been hooked on these days. Party of Five has been reprieved on Much More Music, I'm such a geek as I loved that show and it seems still do. I'm getting Morgyn hooked LOL. So don't even get me started on the new 90210. I'm such a geek.

So with quick admission I'm signing off and leaving some pictures of the 1st day of school.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow 14!! Where did that come from!

Yup 14 years ago at this time I was holding my 1st born daughter, Miss Morgyn Kathlyn Lydia entered the world. Her bright brown eyes looking around in wonder, the long legs and arms. She was a spindly baby she looked as if she needed to be fed.

Now those arms and legs have filled out to a beautiful girl. Who has the nerve to be taller than me already LOL. Ask me how she likes them apples, LOL.

We have settled into the teen years well enough. Is that possible? Some days I think if I hear "whatever" anymore I'm going to scream!! And the eye rolling, ugh how did my parents put up with 4 of us??

We had a party tonight. Just a family thing, the friends party comes in September when she's back in school it seems easier that way every ones back from holidays then.

So what one might ask does a 14 year old girl want for her birthday?? Well other than the usual clothes and jewelry mine seems to like the idea of a hermit crab. Which apparently is the new "trend" here, or it seems anyways. Morgyn was at the mall the other day with her Nanny and cousins and they all came home gushing about these little crabs that you can buy as a pet. I have to still upload some pictures and then I will show off Hermie the Hermit Crab.

So I will end off say Happy 14th Birthday my girl. I love you xxxxxooooo

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're having a blast!

Wow the last week has gone fast, it usually does on holidays right? We've had some busy days and some quiet ones, a good balance.

My friend Jennifer who was diagnosed with leukemia last summer is doing really well. Thankfully. She has cute new hair growth and looks fabulous. We're taking the kids to Tinkertown next week.

We went with my BFF and her girls yesterday to see Nim's Island. It was a cute movie, Jodie Foster was a funny agoraphobic (I think that's what it was). We're going to see Journey to the Center of the Earth next week, I kinda love Brendan Fraser.

I've got to meet my niece Isrielle, dang she's cute. She made strange the 1st day, but she also had a budding ear infection. We've been having fun since, she has the littlest feet and the darkest eyes ever.

My Moms birthday is tomorrow, we're all going for Chinese food. Yum!

Just little update that has taken forever using an on-screen keyboard, very painful lol. Pictures and such to follow in a few weeks when we're back home.

Happy Summer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're off!

Well the girls and I are heading to Winnipeg tomorrow. We are driving to Regina and stopping for the night, I juts can't do the 14 hour drive in one day this time LOL, wonder why?? We'll be back Aug 5th. Will see you then. I'm leaving you all with a few pictures of my home town (or city really) Winnipeg, Manitoba:

P.S. I get to meet my niece Isrielle in person, yipeeee!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments

We have all had them, the most embarrassing moment in your life? I can't be alone in this, right? Tonight was the night, 34 years old and I was reduced to tears at the local Safeway store. As I type this I'm thinking do I want to put this out to the whole world? My embarrassment, my humiliation? I do and I don't, I will because I'm so fricken mad.

So it goes like this. I pick up my DH from work and we stop at a few stores on the way home, the last stop being Safeway (our local grocery store) we always try and do a shop as they have what's called 10% Tuesday once a month and you get 10% off your bill. So we trooped on into the store with the girls and started to shop. We worked our way from one end to the next filling up the cart, after awhile I kept seeing the same security guard pop up in the same locations we were. I never really thought much of it. We were going thru the check out and sure enough there he was, kinda standing behind the bagger putting stuff in our cart.

So we're done and are walking out of the store and I say to Bruce "did you get the feeling the security guard was following us??" Bruce goes "you felt that too?" We get to the van and open the trunk to load and look and see the security guard and the cashier we had heading toward us. They then say to me we need you to come back into the store, I'm like ok. So as we're walking I say to the guard "do I need my receipt?" He says "that's a good idea". I then say "well what is this about", he says we'll discuss it in the store.

So we get in there and the cashier is standing by the door with another employee who is putting some stuff away(I later find out is the store manager). The cashier then says to me "a customer told us she saw you put something in your purse".

I'm sure my draw dropped. I kinda sputtered "What, What did I supposedly stuff in my purse??" Well we don't know, she just saw you put something in your purse.

So I opened up my purse and pulled out my wallets and said "ok here is what was in my purse!!!" and showed all 3 of them. You know the sponge bob squarepants gummies, the no-name zoo animal gummies, the little bottle of hand lotion, the pen, the plastic bag of diaper wipes I carry and there were a few instant teller receipts.

They all kinda looked at each other and me and I said again "so what did I supposedly stick in my purse?" No one had an answer and I showed them all again what was in there.

The manager kinda mumbled "well I guess there is really nothing we can do". I stuffed my wallets back in my purse and by this time I start to cry. The security guard kinda mumble some sort of an apology but honestly at that point I didn't really hear much. So I left the store.

I go back to the van and Bruce is there with the girls and I tell him thru my tears what has happened. I get into the van and he says do you want me to go back in??

Well a man walks up to the van and says are you the woman from inside just now?? Bruce is like yes. The man says just so you know if you need a witness I will give you my name and number cause what they just did to your wife in there was fucking bullshit (sorry for that). He went on to say that how they handled it was wrong and if there was a problem they should have taken me in private to confront me and that they shouldn't have had me empty my purse in front of the public that was there to witness it all. He was plainly disgusted. He left his information for us and left us with the parting words, if Safeway doesn't do something get a lawyer that was just wrong.

So of course now Bruce is mad as he didn't see what happened inside the store. So he goes back in and says to the security guard/store manager that he was pissed at how they had just humiliated his wife in front of all these people, accusing her of shoplifting with no proof. He got the managers name, the security guard wouldn't give his name (he denied following us through the store). We have a call into the district manager and we'll see where it goes from there.

I could have died. I'll never shop there again. Then I get pissed of and think you fucking assholes, do you really think I would shoplift with my kids and husband in tow?? What did they think it was a shoplifting lesson for my kids! Do they think that of the $170 worth of stuff we had in out cart that I needed to shove shit into my purse?? Are you fucking kidding me???? I normally don't swear on my blog but I'm really fucking mad, well now that I've calmed down.

Honest people I"M NOT A THIEF.

Well I will admit to stealing my husbands heart, but I have to throw that corny line in so you all won't think I'm total trash with my potty mouth.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada

We had a nice quiet day at home. The temperature dropped some down from 32C that we had over the weekend, it was a little hot in my house. We sat outside with the girls and they played with Jillian's sand and water table she got for her birthday. It seems I may have missed my shoulder when I applied sun-block, oops!! Bruce had red knees and couldn't figure out why?? LOL, um sunburn baby!

These holidays in the middle of the week always throw me off, I spent all day thinking it was Saturday LOL.

Monday, June 30, 2008

July is lurking just around the corner

How can that be??? July 1st tomorrow?!?!? Is this seriously not the fastest year ever? In my books it is. July is good though, as the count down can start for our road trip back home!! Fifteen days baby!!

I now have a Gr 2'er and a Gr 9'er living in my house. Ack, I'm scared by the prospects that after this year my oldest baby will be in high school, it makes me shudder. Will we survive Gr 9?? Oh I hope so.

Don't we all remember being the "bosses" of the school?? We were the cool "older" crowd to the little Gr 7's and the Gr 8's were just thinking hey that's us next year. Watching the last few months of Morgyn's school it made me realize that I don't miss that age, where the petty shit becomes such a big thing in your life. One minute your all BFF's, the next well she said/he said/she said starts and your never going to be friends again. Well that is until your walking home from school one day and you run into said friend, the I'm sorry are exchanged and all is wonderful in the world again.

Then we can't forget the love, the 13/14 year old love. Life revolves around the boyfriends, we leave for school early so we can sit with him and we cry when we find out that he is being moved from his Mother's house and how will we ever see him again?? Fortunately this was not my daughter who so far has stayed away from the b/f idea to which I'm thanking God LOL.

When I was in Jr High there was this couple that started dating. Her Dad was really strict and didn't now about it, her Mom did but Dad heck no. Well these 2 dated all thru Jr High, High School and past. Today they're married.! Can you believe that?? They've been dating/married 21/22 years out of their 35 years of life. How often does that happen?? Not very I'm guessing.

This past weekend Kamryn's soccer team played in the championship for the West Zone for the city of Edmonton, which in the U8 category means the 1st and the 2nd place team playoff in the gold medal game. They won!! Yippee, go Blue Thunder. They had a good little team and given this was Kamryns 1st year in U8 where they implement a little more of the "position" playing she did really well. The kids were quite excited to get their medals.

Otherwise our weekend entailed some yard work (or maybe alot LOL) and trying to stay cool. It's been 30/32C (approx. 89F). Our house has no air conditioning, fans are our best friends LOL.

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It doesn't take long for your babies to go from this:

to this:

Today is Jillian's 3rd birthday. It is a happy day and a sad day. It seems like yesterday we brought this little bundle of joy home. The one who took so long to make her way into the world.

Jillian is the sweetest little girl. Her newest phrase to melt Mommy's heart is "Mommy you're my best friend" She is full of hugs and kisses and quite a different personality than her big sisters had.

Yes she is quite the cheeky girl our Jillian. But she is a smart little one, and has mastered the art of doing up zippers and buttons. It may take a few tries but the determination she has is amazing. There is no grass growing under this little girls feet.

I love my days with her, it will be bittersweet when I send her off to pre-school this fall. I know she needs to get out and interact with kids her age and in this respect she needs it. It will be hard for Mommy to send her baby off even if it's only 2 hours a day 2 times a week.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Jillian Jiggs, you are much loved.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

First to my wonderful husband Bruce! Happy Father's Day to you. Our girls are lucky to have you as their Dad! You are so good with them. They love when you get home from work and know that you're home every night it's awesome! Snuggle times are big in our house, somedays we need a kingsize bed for all of us to fit in it. You work very hard to support us, so I can stay home with the girls. We are a lucky set of girls to have you as a Dad and we love you.

Then there is my Dad. It has been 11 years now since he has been gone. He's missed every day. He only got the chance to meet 3 out 7 grandkids. My Dad was a good, kind hearted man. He had such a laugh, and how he loved to laugh.

So Happy Father's Day to these great men. You are both loved.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How fun would that be

I love watching cooking shows! My favorite has is has this one as it's chef

Isn't he dreamy! And he can cook! If I watch daytime TV this is it! I mean I'd dress up to go to the grocery store if I thought Curtis Stone might be lurking at my local Safeway. Pipe dream people unfortunately it's a pipe dream. Fortunately he's on every day at 2pm, thank goodness Jillian is napping again and I have the TV to myself. I think of the show and wonder hmmm what would I get him to cook us? His meals all looks oh so yummy! The desserts mmmmmm he just made chocolate lava cakes, I drool as I type.

Onto other notes.

Two weeks from tomorrow means Last Day of School! It has it's good points and it's bad. I could get to sleep in on occasion, or not? Depends on my kids. I could listen to them fight and bicker, or not? Ya right who am I kidding, LOL. I could go crazy when my routine gets mixed up with 2 extra kids at home, which is likely but adjustable. I'm really hoping the weather warms up and we can set up our rinky dinky but fun enough for the girls pool.

The best part is we'll be less than a month until we leave for Winnipeg. Wooohooo. I'm excited, the girls are excited. Bruce well not so much as he has to stay home and work/guard the fort and keep Piper the kitty company. The bright side is the fact that next year we'll get a family vacation! We've never had a family vacation, sad but true.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We Survived the Party

We had Kamryn's party yesterday! This was the 1st time we had done an at-home party, we had been opting for the out-of-home ones to save on mess and clean up (yes we're lazy like that LOL). But it went really well, we had 10 kids and our 3.

We started of painting some flower pots from Michael's (I heart Michael's). I'm glad at the last minute I said hey lets do this in our teeny tiny kitchen as there was paint everywhere. We squeezed all 11 kids around our old plastic patio table and it worked.

Then it was time for food the usual party fare of hot dogs, cucumbers, carrots, pretzels and of course cake.
(Ok I guess no more pictures?? Blogger is being mean)

Next of course came present time. Kamryn while she loves getting presents, I mean who doesn't? She just doesn't have a high excitement level for opening them, she goes thru the motions and does it but looks like she wants to be anywhere else but doing the "opening" (this goes way back LOL)

We all headed outside and planted a little flower in each pot, the kids loved it. It was a very quick 2 hours, at one point while they were eating Bruce was like they are so "quiet" well 10 minutes later when this mostly girl group was yelling and screaming I looked at him and said "anything else you have to say??" He was like "how do John and Kate Plus 8 do it"?

It was fun. Now we have 2 more birthdays and we're done til next year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And then she was 7!!

Seven years ago she came to us, fast and furious. A gentle soul even then.

It has been quite the year for Kamryn. Starting school full time was a big deal, she loves it so. To hear her read and recognize words she didn't know 9 months ago is bliss, she practices her spelling words everyday and is a great speller. I never have to ask twice when it's time to read or write. She lucked out and her teacher is awesome! I think Kamryn could be described as the "teachers pet". There is nothing more a parent could ask for when your child is praised for being kind, polite, caring, respectful, marvelous, magnificent (these are Miss M's words). It can make a Mom cry, ask me LOL.

Kamryn has grown alot this year, I was looking at pictures of when Jillian was born and it shocked me how "little" she was. She loves her sisters something fierce and would do anything for them.

We have started soccer season and she loves it. While she is a little less aggressive this year, she enjoys the game and loves to cheer on her teammates.

I'm lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. The last 7 years have gone fast but have been a joy. Here are some pictures from the last year.

Happy 7Th Birthday my sweet girl. I love you Kamryn xoxoxo

*Kamryn's b-day is May 29th I hit post to early

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 Years Baby!

Today is the day, we're celebrating 10 years of marriage! How can it have gone by so fast? It has been a good 10 years, of course there has been good, bad and (some) ugly. But here we stand.

One of the nicest things about our wedding day was in the fact that if my Grandparents had been alive it would have been their 50th wedding anniversary! I was so happy that Bruce agreed to that date when he did as it was a Friday which alot of people found weird.

We had a nice small wedding. Forty people type deal, but we just weren't the big "to-do" type people. We watched our wedding video last fall with the girls and Kamryn was like hey where'd you rent this from?? Then she was kinda ticked that Morgyn got to be there and she didn't (how do you explain that one LOL?). We had a lot of kids at the wedding and watching back on that day I hang my head and admit the "theme" song or the one we heard over and over was none other than "I'm a Barbie Girl" by Aqua. You all know this song right?? I have wonderful blackmail video of my then 9 year old cousin dancing away, he is a little scared by that bwaa-ha-haaaa.

It still amazes me to think of when Bruce walked into mine and Morgyn's lives. Some men would have ran when they saw the "package deal" they were walking into. But not my Bruce, he embraced it with open arms. There is no such things as "step-father" in our house. Bruce has 3 girls, it's that simple.

I really don't know what else to say? How can you write it all down when your heart is so full of love?? I'm not the best of writers, well anymore that is. English was my subject in school ( you know waaaaaay back 17 years ago! ACK!!!)

I'm thankful that when I dropped hints starting back oh about 2 years ago that the 10th anniversary was the diamond one, Bruce listened. I got me a nice new shiny piece of bling bling (is that still the term?? LOL) He did well.

Happy 10th Anniversary to you Bruce
Happy 60th Anniversary to my Grandparents

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Hope, My Wish

If it can't be Michael Johns then I'm rooting for David C.

Now I'm off to fight my way thru the piles of clothes I have strewn all about, switching seasons is hard work. I'm only part way thru 2 kids and then I have to do my own, ugh.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Have a wonderful day Mom's everywhere.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well this little bit of fun is courtesy of Wendy of Wendsters Blog, she is so fun people.

1) George Clooney (Brad Pitt ... Nicole Kidman ... you pick one) tells YOUR spouse he will pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spend one night with you. The evening's activities have not been specified. Would your spouse agree to it knowing that you will NEVER get to tell him what you did that evening?

As much as the 1 million would come in handy I'm pretty sure my hubby would say no.

2) Same question, but this time it’s a car salesman from Cincinnati named George Clooney

Still a no.

3) If you could have the house of your dreams (no "reality" limitations), where SPECIFICALLY would it be and what features would it have? Details please...

The house of my dreams would be big enough that I could have my Mom, my sister and her family come and live in it with all of us having our own privacy. I would like a kick ass master bedroom suite: walk-in closet, fireplace, jacuzzi tub and a big king size bed. My girls would have the rooms of their dreams. I would love a nice big yard with enough room for a vegetable garden. Hmmmm my dream house would be something I own (I hate renting).

4) If a kid fairy could wave a magic wand over your children (yes, I know they are already perfect) and remove ONE character trait or habit, which one would you have removed?

Kamryn and Jillian: thumb sucking (bad bad habit they both have)
Morgyn: the teenage eye rolling, 'nuff said

5) Someone’s buying you ANY pet you want. It is guaranteed to love you and be house broken / tame. What kind do you want? I really love love my kitty Piper. But I wuld get a monkey for my BIL- he wants one.

6) Many people feel they lack talent. What talent do you think you lack that you wish you had in spades? I feel I lack the talent of walking into a room and not feeling comfortable. I can be an intorvert and it's so hard to get past that.

7) Would you spend a whole weekend in a "family values" clothing optional resort? They'll give you a day to “find your feet”, but after that they'll be expecting you to join them in their clothing free activities. (dining, square dancing, swimming, badminton ... and yoga). I'd have to pass.

8 ) If after we die, we were to all become naturally occurring phenomenas, which naturally occurring phenomena would YOU hope to become? ...

No contest. Aurora borealis (i'm with Wendy on this one, the Northern Lights can be so stinking amazing)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are We In The Clear??

Is spring finally here?? Oh how I'm hoping so!! The snow is gone, woohoo! This past weekend was beautiful, and it helped Project Snow Melt quite nicely. The weather people were calling for rain this afternoon but it's still quite nice out!

We're crossing fingers that things work out as soccer season has started and Kamryn is so excited. She is such a sporty girl and I'm still trying to figure out where that came from?? Not me, that's for sure.

Summer seems so much closer than before and we've been planning our trek back to Winnipeg. The girls are already excited. Kamryn has all kinds of plans of what she'd like to do. Morgyn will spend part of the time with her Dad/Step-Mom and 3 other sisters. My Mom and nephews are going to drive back to Edmonton with is for a couple of weeks. Bruce is excited as he hasn't seen my nephews in 2 years. It sucks when your hubby can't travel with you and doesn't get to come on vacation.

But you know what, next year he does! Yippeeeee.

Bruce switched jobs and started working in the city almost 2 months ago. This lead to him being home every night, a big change from being gone 6 mights out of 7 on the road. Now he is dispatching and not driving at all, which is a big change for him. He drove semi-trucks for 23 years. But being home every night has been good, we're not killing each other yet (he he he we're both really to passive for that anyways).

Anyways off to pick Kamryn uo from school and enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Yup these pictures are no joke, they were taken this past weekend. While spring has sprung all over it seems that we had a cruel joke played on us. I'm so over snow, my yard looks like it did back in January but it's April. I guess I know why I hadn't put away the snow pants/jackets/mitts/scarf etc, so I either jinxed myself or I had a foretelling that it was to come LOL.

It's warming up which is good. Kamryn was suppose to have her 1st soccer practice on Sunday, I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Unless they trade in their cleats for snowshoes.

SO here's hoping this will be the last blast of winter. As I said, I'm tired of snow!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Tonight American Idol was all wrong, but of course that is jmo. But I really do believe the voters got it oh so wrong tonight. I mean Carly could not have looked more shocked if she had tried, she truly looked as if she believed she was going home. However my heart belonged to this guy, sigh.

It started back when they were still eliminating them from 100, and Michael sang Bohemian Rhapsody. He didn't even sing that much of the song, they don't really at that point. But what he did sing had me hooked from then and there on.

I use to like David Archuleta, but the last little while he just hasn't been impressing me. I guess because I heart Michael (yes I'm obsessed LOL. Now what is a girl suppose to do?? I guess hope that someone out there calls him up and says come one Michael we have a deal for you! I would be the 1st in line to buy his record.

It seems as though spring just might be here to stay, I say this with baited breath after the snow we had last weekend. It had to be a good 5cm at least. But this weekend however they are forecasting temperature in the 20's (or 68F). Now how beautiful is that!!!!

Of course the downfall is I have to work. Which I have been doing for the last 6 weeks but just on weekends, and likely only till the beginning of May. We have a Full House Lottery on here right now and I'm working in these fan-freakin-tastic houses selling tickets to some lucky people, 3 of which are going to walk away with million dollar prizes for $100. It's insane. But they support 2 of the hospitals in the city which will see them both earning approximately $3 million a piece. Can't go wrong there. The houses well all I can say is WOW. They each have a special feature 1. a 2 storey library 2. an indoor lap pool and 3. a golf simulator. I wish I could figure out how to post the link but I still suck at that. But seriously google Full House Lottery 2008 and take a peak, it's worth a few minutes of your time.

But I'm going to head out and mourn the loss of my A.I. favorite. Have I mentioned I'm crushed?? ;-)