Monday, June 30, 2008

July is lurking just around the corner

How can that be??? July 1st tomorrow?!?!? Is this seriously not the fastest year ever? In my books it is. July is good though, as the count down can start for our road trip back home!! Fifteen days baby!!

I now have a Gr 2'er and a Gr 9'er living in my house. Ack, I'm scared by the prospects that after this year my oldest baby will be in high school, it makes me shudder. Will we survive Gr 9?? Oh I hope so.

Don't we all remember being the "bosses" of the school?? We were the cool "older" crowd to the little Gr 7's and the Gr 8's were just thinking hey that's us next year. Watching the last few months of Morgyn's school it made me realize that I don't miss that age, where the petty shit becomes such a big thing in your life. One minute your all BFF's, the next well she said/he said/she said starts and your never going to be friends again. Well that is until your walking home from school one day and you run into said friend, the I'm sorry are exchanged and all is wonderful in the world again.

Then we can't forget the love, the 13/14 year old love. Life revolves around the boyfriends, we leave for school early so we can sit with him and we cry when we find out that he is being moved from his Mother's house and how will we ever see him again?? Fortunately this was not my daughter who so far has stayed away from the b/f idea to which I'm thanking God LOL.

When I was in Jr High there was this couple that started dating. Her Dad was really strict and didn't now about it, her Mom did but Dad heck no. Well these 2 dated all thru Jr High, High School and past. Today they're married.! Can you believe that?? They've been dating/married 21/22 years out of their 35 years of life. How often does that happen?? Not very I'm guessing.

This past weekend Kamryn's soccer team played in the championship for the West Zone for the city of Edmonton, which in the U8 category means the 1st and the 2nd place team playoff in the gold medal game. They won!! Yippee, go Blue Thunder. They had a good little team and given this was Kamryns 1st year in U8 where they implement a little more of the "position" playing she did really well. The kids were quite excited to get their medals.

Otherwise our weekend entailed some yard work (or maybe alot LOL) and trying to stay cool. It's been 30/32C (approx. 89F). Our house has no air conditioning, fans are our best friends LOL.

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians!!


A, B & C said...

This year has been quick hasn't it? My Mom would tell you that she thinks it gets faster every year. Happy Canada Day to you all and ongratuations to your daughter and her soccer team too!

My high school english teacher married the only boy she ever dated, and they started "going out" in 6th grade. When I knew here she was in her mid-30s and had been with him for almost 25 years!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Thanks so much for your comment today--you don't have an email address attached to your account, so I have to respond this way ;)

My main question was do people concentrate on holding their tummies in while pregnant or do they let it hang out like me?