Friday, January 2, 2009

And So Begins Another Year

Yay! We survived the holidays at our house. The last 2 weeks have been so busy it finally caught up to me and I've been the "Nap Queen" the last 2 days. Luckily Bruce was home and entertained the girls while I slugged away sleeping, he is such a good man.

We had a nice quiet New Year's we dined on veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, pickles and olives with some meat. Yumm-O. Easy peasy and the girls loved it. We lit the basement up with candles, who needs a fireplace LOL (I would love one) and watched movies and drank wine. The kiddos even had a bottle of "wine" for themselves. Bliss I tell ya, we also munched on a taco dip I had made earlier.

New Year's Day we made scalloped potatoes and a ham. Yumm-O again LOL. I love scalloped potatoes loaded with onions, mmmmmm. Bruce does not so we made a plain boring one for him and the girls. We then watched the Fox and the Hound 2.

It seems that we've got another deep freeze going on, do I mind that I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday?? Not at all. Tomorrow morning the forecast is call for -41 with the windchill :-0 and then in the next breath it says +2 on Monday, which doesn't coincide with the weather station which says -7?? Weird. I'll take the +2 though. So tomorrow is turkey soup making day, ooooooh I can feel the warmth now.

So how was your New Year's?