Monday, April 30, 2007

It's really here!!

This picture is a little misleading as it is from last summer BUT never the less I think spring is finally here! I say this after a very long winter that started oh back in October and well we still had snow falling the beginning of April. I have been told that is unusual weather for Edmonton, and considering our 1st year here it is slighty believable.

I'm so anxious to plant my garden! I seem to have a little budding gardener in Kamryn, she too is ready to plant! She so wants to plant corn this year? I'm going to try and see what happens. I'm also hoping that she will extend the interest past the dropping the seeds into the ground and well Mommy will take care of the rest LOL.

My green thumb is quite new found. Up until 2 years ago my family was well aware that it was pretty much a death sentence for any form of plant life if it came into my midst. But I have triumphed and can grow a reasonably decent garden and flower bed. Woohoo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ho hum.

I need a little sunshine today!
My BFF Michely graduates today with her nursing degree! I'm so proud of her, she has worked her butt off these last 4 years raising her 2 kids, maintaining a marriage all the while going to school full time. Quite the load I think.
So here I sit wishing like I have never wished before that I could be there. Be there for that moment she is "pinned" be there for the moment she gives her valedictorian speech, just be there ya know? But sadly that was not the plan. I tried, oh I tried. But it seems that life had another plan. Bruce is in the middle of switching companies and well there was just no way I could go back home right now for it. Sigh, sniff sniff.
This is one of the very few times I have felt so far away from everyone with this move we did 2 years ago. This is the 1st time I have missed something so important to me. But I guess that is what you face when you make the decision to move away right. I know it seems trivial compared to other things in life, but hey what can I say.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sponsoring a child

In December 2005 I had a knock at my door. I open it to find two young men canvassing for sponsors for the Foster Parent Plan (or the Plan as they are now called). I had known about this program for alot of years. I inherited my Great-Aunts desk quite a few years back and upon going thru it I found letters to her from the children she sponsored over the years. Even now I think back and it makes me teary to remember the love these children felt for a women they pen- paled with from youth into adulthood. It was so touching. So of course given the opportunity I decided you know what we can afford the small fee of $33 a month to do this and I signed us up.
When Bruce got home I "surprised" him with this information. We have a boy. Nuiwa lives in China and we have sent a few letters back and forth now. It takes close to 4 months for the letters to make it from here to there and vice versa. Quite a long time but so worth the wait. Life is so different for him and his family, I didn't realize how much we took for granted until the correnspondence started.
I look forward to many years of getting to know this boy and his family, it is an exciting journey for our kids and us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sweet little girls.

When I think of little girls I think of dresses, hair ribbons, dolls and fun stuff like that. I watch Kamryn play with her my little ponies, her barbie hair dressing doll and all her girly stuff and think yup thats my girl.
"Hey Daddy I blew a good one!!" said by that lovely little girl pictured there! As I look to see her "fanning" the scent towards her Daddy. Yup that's Daddy's girl! It's all I could do to stop Daddy from high fiving her.
I am doomed as all of my girls are infatuated by "farts"! No need for boys in our house (sorry if I offend in assuming only boys are infatuated by farts). Even Jillian know she will get a chuckle from said sisters/Dad when one slips and she's not quite 2. UGH.
With any luck it will fade with time, I mean wouldn't that be a lovely lure to that sweet boy they will all one day look for. "Hey I can fart with the best of them" pick me. LOL.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Babies seem to be everywhere. My "baby" so to speak I have come to realize I must refer to her as my toddler. Then well there is my "baby" who is going into Gr.1 next fall. The most significant change is my soon to be 13 year old "baby".

When we had Jillian it was assumed she would be the last. I found that the the 1st's with her were so much more apparent. I'm guessing because she is it. Although I say that now and I seem hesitant to myself. I dare not say that to Bruce as I think he would be scared. Very scared! LOL.

I guess for me the biggest thing was at 31 yrs olds saying I was done? In some cases 31 year olds are just starting their families not finishing them. And then well there is this little bit of infertility that I had put upon me. After I had Morgyn it seems by body went for bust and after 4 years of trying to conceive to no avail we finally were referred to s specialist and he had me dx with PCOS and well we were pregnant within 3 months. We had to do the the drug regiment Metformin/Clomid/Progesterone and were fortunate to have had it work with both Kamryn and Jillian. I guess my thing now is to use those drugs again well thats when we would end up with a multiple birth LOL.

I did conceive on my own in that time which ultimately gave us our angel baby. Time well has healed that wound of a m/c but our baby will always live on in our hearts and memories.

I guess I have to realize we can't just keep having babies to have a baby in the house right? Although if we ever won the lottery so help my poor husband.

Monday, April 9, 2007

RIP Season '06-'07

When I moved to Edmonton almost 2 years ago I never in a million years dreamt that I would become a hockey fan, I think Bruce was even more shocked. It all kinda happened like this.
Here it is the tail end of the '05-'06 hockey season and well the Oiler's all of a sudden end up in a great playoff race. So as you can imagine the city explodes into an Oiler flag frenzy, people painting their vehicles and you could so tell when they won a game it was anything but quiet out side.
And there were my daughters and I all caught up in the excitement and we started watching these games. Can you imagine soccer season right thru all this OMG all us parents were a mess. Bruce was going nuts as well he is not a sports fan at all, yes some wives would rejoice at this but my husband became the "hockey widower" as he began to refer to himself. The the grand finale the end game and what happens my CABLE goes out!! So there we are after the last soccer game of the season doing the dash to watch the game at my Aunt's. Alas they lost but oh the fun of that little run.
I got hooked during that playoff season and it stayed with me. e girls are in bed and Bruce isn't grumbling about it. I never thought I'd be sitting here writing these 2 years ago.
So now the season is over, the year was a bust. We lost players and the team lost their spirit but all was still fun to watch! So here's hoping next year is a better run. Even still I will be sitting there watching with excitment, with my Oilers' pen/window sing/beer stein/car visor/new mouse/shirt and my fave my Dwayne Roloson poster YUP my family went a bit crazy at x-mas and my b-day LOL.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Should I Marry?

"Mom should I marry? what I chuckle?? Well ya know when I'm older, should I marry?

Yes that was the walking to school conversation this morning with Kamryn my 5 year old LOL!! So my answer was kinda like well you can decide then hun!

I'm of course thinking well lets hope we have atleast another 20 years before we have to deal with this. We've decided that our game plan as parents is to make sure our kids have great jobs when they are older so we can live and mooch of off them. Good plan no?? I mean a parent can dream right?

I never know what is going to come out of my Kamryn's mouth. I 've had many a people or person?? tell me she has a career in tv one day. She just likes to talk and well her hands should be as tired as her mouth, they seem to tell just as much of the story.

Spring Break was great last week. We were almost snowless until Monday morning. I think Mother Nature had her days mixed up and pulled a very crule April Fool's joke. We have had snow again and our temps are below 0 BRRRR. I guess there was a reason why I hadn't put away all that winter stuff!

Mother Nature please release us from this snow! We HAVE had it since October um it is now April.