Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Moves on Some More

Another year comes and goes, this one leaving you 15 years old. How can that be? Fifteen years you brought me into the world of Motherhood and we haven't looked back since.

This new year brings the start of high school. Which scares me to death. I'm not ready for you to venture into the world of high school but it is coming no matter what I want.

You have the loveliest smile that lights up a room and your sisters adore you so much. When you're gone in the summer to visit your Dad/Step Mom/3 other sisters they are lost without you. I have found them crying for you many times. You guys love to fight and argue but then I see the moments of love, hugs, snuggles and kisses I know all is right in our little world.

You are such a genuine and loving person. You always think of others as much as you do of yourself. You don't think twice of getting something for someone else when you have some money in your pocket. If you only knew how much my heart melts when you say here Mom I bought you a Lime Crush because I know it's your favorite.

Mondays have become you day to cook supper, it started when I worked this past spring and you cooked supper for your Daddy and sisters. It stuck, even after I was done work. The maturity I've seen develop in you the last year or so has left me in awe. Awe that I have helped you become who you are today. I am proud to be called your Mother.

Happy 15th Birthday my beautiful Morgyn. You are truly a delight.