Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Moves on Some More

Another year comes and goes, this one leaving you 15 years old. How can that be? Fifteen years you brought me into the world of Motherhood and we haven't looked back since.

This new year brings the start of high school. Which scares me to death. I'm not ready for you to venture into the world of high school but it is coming no matter what I want.

You have the loveliest smile that lights up a room and your sisters adore you so much. When you're gone in the summer to visit your Dad/Step Mom/3 other sisters they are lost without you. I have found them crying for you many times. You guys love to fight and argue but then I see the moments of love, hugs, snuggles and kisses I know all is right in our little world.

You are such a genuine and loving person. You always think of others as much as you do of yourself. You don't think twice of getting something for someone else when you have some money in your pocket. If you only knew how much my heart melts when you say here Mom I bought you a Lime Crush because I know it's your favorite.

Mondays have become you day to cook supper, it started when I worked this past spring and you cooked supper for your Daddy and sisters. It stuck, even after I was done work. The maturity I've seen develop in you the last year or so has left me in awe. Awe that I have helped you become who you are today. I am proud to be called your Mother.

Happy 15th Birthday my beautiful Morgyn. You are truly a delight.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Help Needed

So I really need to start walking. It's been on the to-do list for awhile now and summers here so what better time. My plan is to get up and go out for an hour when my DH gets home from work in the morning.

Now for the help part. I want to make an up beat play list that has some fast paced music to make me want to get out and get moving, I need some suggestions.

Please :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have a wonderful day everyone. Enjoy this time with your famillies.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost missed it

Happy Birthday Jillian. Today you are 4 years old. The time has gone so fast since we welcomed you into our arms.

You just finished your 1st year of pre-school and you enjoyed it so much, you had a fantastic teacher and teacher's helper. How you longed for every day to be Monday and Wednesday. It is bittersweet that I send you back this fall, knowing the outcome will lead you to kindergarten.

You have become quite the little soccer player, picking up some tips from your big sister Kamryn. One day a week doesn't seem to be enough for you at times. You love to get out and kick the ball, and love it even more when you can come home and call Daddy and Nanny to share your goals of the evening. You and your little friend Isabella are so cute to watch on the field picking each other up when you "fall" you guys definitely deserve the sportsmanship award for that.

You have started to show such a little personality. You have a stubborn streak a mile long and have no fear in "fighting" for what you want.

You loved your pink icing and purple sprinkle cake we had tonight and are itching to try out your new scooter and bike. My favorite gift was your Cabbage Patch Kid Morgyn and I found named Jillian Reina, a 2 year search came to and end when we found it 2 weeks ago. Yaaaaay.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. I love you more than you can imagine my Bug;

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kamryn

Here she is on her last night as a 7 year old. I snuck in after she fell asleep.

Eight years ago today our lives were blessed with this sweet girl. What a joy she is, such a kind, compassionate, caring, friendly, smart and loving girl (I can toot my own DD's horn right?). This girl of mine is so much like me in some ways, she is a sensitive soul and doesn't bat an eyelash when the tears come when she is watching a show or a movie. She is so like her Dad in many ways too, she looks just like him and she has some ways that are not exactly lady like which she definately got from Daddy.

Kamryn is a reader, never far is a book from her hand. I love to see her engrossed in a book, I love when we read together (we're reading the Little House on the Prairie books at the moment). Her word recognition is beyond her Gr 2 level and it shows in her reading immensly, she works so hard every week to study for her spelling test and enjoys school very much. She has lucked into some awesome teachers in her 1st 3 years of school and I am so grateful for that.

Just before school this morning, it was sports day so she wore her soccer uniform. We're having a little celebration tonight and tomorrow is dinner and maybe a movie. Love you my girl. xoxoxoxo