Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I decided for Kamryn's b-day I would make cupcakes for her to take to school. I had my plan on how they were going to be done. I had everything ready and Morgyn decides she wants to help, so like any good mother I delegated the task of ladybug faces to her. Nothing like passing off the hard part ;-) I think she did quite a nice job, my favorite has to be the mad looking one in the 2nd row 2nd one from the right. It is so cool how their faces look so full of expression. So Morgyn says when we are done "how come they don't look like the ones in the magazine??" Ah well my dear they are done by professionals! With all the right tools etc. We tried LOL.

The kids loved them. On Sunday we are doing her party and going to see Shrek 3 I am going to make a cake with Shrek letters on it, fairly simple I figure. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Kamryn!!

So today is Kamryn's 6th birthday. Where the time has gone I don't know. Kindergarden started this past fall and is almost over, it is all down hill from here I think. Sad as it is to say it seems as though once they start kindergarden time flies ever so much faster.

Kamryn was our long awaited for baby. We had been trying almost 4 years with no luck, I ended up going to a really great Dr at a fertility clinic. It is amazing what a great Dr can do for you but I that whole story is for another day.

When I went into have Kamryn I had been having some high blood pressure and had been on bed rest and was being monitored by an anti-natal nurse. I was put on the induction list and when we finally got "the call" we hurried off to the hospital. I was 4cm dialated and they put me on the pictocin drip (sp?) upping it every 30 mins. All was great I was feeling quite well, Bruce had me laughing it was all good. They broke my water in the mean time. Well after about 3 hours of being there and nothing it started to hit me all of a sudden, I had contractions start and boy they started. Up until that point I had no need for any medication, I went to the washroom and when I got stuck in their because I couldn't get off the toilet I KNEW I was in trouble. That's when it hit fast and furious, it wasn't to long before I said to my nurse I really need to push, Bruce had gone to phone my BFF since she was suppose to video tape. He got back to me pretty much being wheeled off to the delivery room. This girl was out in 2 pushes!! No joke! All 9lbs 1oz of her!! Even though she was my biggest baby she really was the easiest. Figure??

Now I have this beautiful sensitive little girl. She is my girl who will cry as we watch a movie (a little like her Mom). She is a happy go lucky kid who loves her sisters to pieces. She also farts like a trooper (as I have previously attested to) her dad LOVES that. She has a funny sense of humor. She also has discovered this year that soccer is really fun. This is my sporty girl I think.

I love you my girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(I have added some baby pictures below this post, since I have not figured out how to do them all on 1 post I have to settle for that LOL)

Kamryn at 6 mths

Kamryn at 2mths

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

7 Songs I'm Into

These are my 7 songs that seem to make my playlist these days.

Keith Urban - Stupid Boy I have tickets to see him in Sept. Can't wait.

Pink - U and Ur Hand Jillian does a mean table dance to this song, or so I found out last weekend LMAO.

Nelly Furtado - All Good Things Must Come To An End I'm a sucker for ballads.

Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing This has such a good beat.

Aaron Prichett - Hold My Beer I love this one, it has such attitude.

Chris Daughtry - Home

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) Jillian does a great Hey Oh.

I have 2 honourable mentions that make it quite often and have to mention.

Finger Eleven - Paralyzer Bruce actually found this song 1st, he likes it.

Joaquin Phoenix/Reese Witherspoon - Jackson Finally saw the movie last weeknd (yes I'm slow LOL) and these 2 kicked ass and have had me hooked on their songs since.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kamryn's 1st goal

This is Kamryn's second year in soccer, and she has been really enjoying it. Well last night she scored her very 1st goal and she was all excited high fiving her team mates and such. So on the way home I said to her "hey that was a great goal!" She looks at me and says "did it go in?" Um ya LMAO. They are still at the age where they don't keep score and it is all for fun. So we shall see if this 1st goal will feed the thirst for more. It seems the moe they play the more they come together as a team and are really starting to "figure it out".

The only down fall was last night it was so COLD!! The plus it kept the mosquitos away, which have showed up with a vengance. I think all the snow we had this past winter has bit us in the butt again and brought out the pesky little buggers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us

Today is our 9th anniversary :-)!

Where has the time gone? I still marvel at the day this man walked into my life and was not scared by the fact that I was a "package" deal, it had been Morgyn and I for almost 2 years. A friend said to me one day hey I have someone I think you should meet. I certainly wasn't looking for anything special at that time especially with a long distance trucker, I had a 2 year old to raise. But a few weeks later I did meet him and well the rest is history.

We had a very simple wedding, we were so not a couple that wanted a big huge wedding it just wasn't us. So we got married in a nice little church with family and friends and then had a reception/house party at my Aunt and Uncle's house. It was simple it was easy and it was us. The weather was absolutely beautiful given how May can be in Manitoba. We had family, friends and kids running around, I think the song of the day was "I'm a Barbie Girl" LOL, yes I know *shudder* but hey it made the kids who ranged in the ages of 2 - 14 all very happy. We cooked the food ourselves and just had fun! I would post more pictures but I still haven't figured out how to do more than one picture in a post "Bloggoing For Dummies" here I come LOL.

Kamryn has asked why she wasn't at the wedding and Morgyn was?? I mean what do ya say? It just is the way it is sometimes. We were going to watch a movie one night and we snuck in our wedding video, we watched for a few minutes and she says "hey where'd you rent this from"?? LMAO. That kids of ours is crazy funny sometimes.

The day had even more special meaning to me as that year on May 22 it would have been my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and I know their love shined down on us that day. We got alot of your getting married on a Friday?? though.

So today I say to my wonderful hubby I love you and the last 11 years together has been great.

I keep reminding Bruce that next year is the big "10" aka ya know diamonds LOL a girls gotta plan right? And drop the right hints??

Thursday, May 17, 2007


So sorry Mr/Master/Mrs/Miss/Ms Dandelion but you are not invited to my yard party this year!!
It would seem as though I'm a little late with that since they have already invaded my yard and many others down the street. Go away please!
I have yet to break the news yo Kamryn and Jillian that these are weeds not flowers. They seem to like to pick them for me LOL.
I'm hoping for a nice weekend, altough the forecast does say rain. But the girls are off Friday and Monday so some nice weather would be great. I would love to get my garden in this weekend too? And I guess rid my yard of those "pretty flowers".
Have a safe and happy May Long Weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Mom

So yes I know I'm late with this but it seems my motto has become better late than never LOL.

I have been blesses with a wonderful Mom, and after reading many different posts over Mothers Day I have realized I am lucky, I have seen some who are also blessed and some who well have not had the same luck BUT have pulled up and risen to the task and are wonderful Moms themselves.

Morgyn was working on a poem for her L.A. class the other day and this is how it was done, I can't remember what it was called but I figure I would visit my jr high years and honour my Mom.

K - kind hearted
A - adored
T - tough
H - hard headed (and this is in a good way LOL)
Y - young at heart
L - loved
Y - yearned for
N - not close enough

L - lady
Y - yen for life
D - devoted
I - irreplaceable
A - awesome

So that is a bit of my Mom.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have failed.

Yes I have failed as a Mother. I missed and opportunity to one day embarrass my lovely Jillian one day down the road.

We were out shopping the other day and we came across a bin for .25 cent panties, which I admit I was all over. So there we stand Jillian, Bruce and myself searching for panties for Morgyn which yes I know is every 12 year olds dream to have her Mom AND Dad buying her panties.

Ask me how mortified Bruce was "Um I feel like a pervert" was his direct quote! Ok dear now you would be looked upon as a pervert if you were standing here all by YOURSELF going thru this bin of panites but I think you are somewhat safe as you stand here with your wife and daughter, or atleast I hope anyways???

So we turned around and look and there is Jillian standing there with these panties on looking oh so sweet and innocent. I am lucky enough that this child likes them on her waist as opposed to her big sisters who were panties on the heads kinda girls. We laughed like we had never laughed. And course no camera, no cell phone with a camera to capture this to fricking funny moment.

You lucked out my Jillian. Next time you will not be so lucky.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Playing Hairdresser

So Morgyn has been blessed/cursed with this head of tight curly course hair that at this time in her life she totally hates. We usually get it professionally straightened/relaxed whatever you want to call it but since Bruce has just started with a new company we just don't have the spare $80.

So I went and picked up an over the counter one. I bring it home and show it to Morgyn, this was the rest of the conversation.

Morgyn: Cool. So who's gonna do it?

Me: Um well ME!

Morgyn: Oh. Well what about Dave's girlfriend isn't she a hairdresser? Couldn't she come do it?

Me: Well I can read the instructions. I'm sure it will be easy enough to do.

Morgyn: Well ya BUT Dave's G/F is a hairdresser.

Well thank you my 1st born I'm so glad you have faith in me. I mean come on I grew you for 42 weeks (yes 42 loooooong weeks) pushed you out and have kept y0u alive this long. This will be a piece of cake.

And guess what it was, she still has hair and we just need to straigh iron it to see the effects of the $13 treatment compared to the $80 one. Morgyn and Kamryn have totally different hair types, Jillian well she is still what I like to cal "follicly challenged" LOL. I hope one day that will change.