Saturday, May 26, 2007

7 Songs I'm Into

These are my 7 songs that seem to make my playlist these days.

Keith Urban - Stupid Boy I have tickets to see him in Sept. Can't wait.

Pink - U and Ur Hand Jillian does a mean table dance to this song, or so I found out last weekend LMAO.

Nelly Furtado - All Good Things Must Come To An End I'm a sucker for ballads.

Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing This has such a good beat.

Aaron Prichett - Hold My Beer I love this one, it has such attitude.

Chris Daughtry - Home

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) Jillian does a great Hey Oh.

I have 2 honourable mentions that make it quite often and have to mention.

Finger Eleven - Paralyzer Bruce actually found this song 1st, he likes it.

Joaquin Phoenix/Reese Witherspoon - Jackson Finally saw the movie last weeknd (yes I'm slow LOL) and these 2 kicked ass and have had me hooked on their songs since.


Lisa said...

Great list. Love the Pink's CD.And we love Sissor Sisters too!

wendster said...

Songs I like are Sesame Street songs... especially the good old classics: Boogie Woogie Sheep, the W song, My name is you, and etc. I also love Harry Potter books and am anxiously awaiting the last one! We are going to have a Harry Potter party the night the book comes out. Nice to see you at my blog! Come back any time!

chelle said...

These look great! I really should be hitting up iTunes!