Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have failed.

Yes I have failed as a Mother. I missed and opportunity to one day embarrass my lovely Jillian one day down the road.

We were out shopping the other day and we came across a bin for .25 cent panties, which I admit I was all over. So there we stand Jillian, Bruce and myself searching for panties for Morgyn which yes I know is every 12 year olds dream to have her Mom AND Dad buying her panties.

Ask me how mortified Bruce was "Um I feel like a pervert" was his direct quote! Ok dear now you would be looked upon as a pervert if you were standing here all by YOURSELF going thru this bin of panites but I think you are somewhat safe as you stand here with your wife and daughter, or atleast I hope anyways???

So we turned around and look and there is Jillian standing there with these panties on looking oh so sweet and innocent. I am lucky enough that this child likes them on her waist as opposed to her big sisters who were panties on the heads kinda girls. We laughed like we had never laughed. And course no camera, no cell phone with a camera to capture this to fricking funny moment.

You lucked out my Jillian. Next time you will not be so lucky.


*~chelle~* said...

hahaha that is too cute!
What a great Dad!
Always have to have that camera eh?

Lisa said...

This was a funny story. You gotta love it.

Jolene George said...

That is hilarious! I never have my camera when I really want it.

A, B & C said...

It's so true when you have kids... you never have something when you need it and then carry things around that you don't really need! I keep meaning to put my camera in the diaper bag, but the last time I needed it at home (because the Love Bug was doing something cute) I couldn't remember where it was. Oh well!

Thanks for your comments on my blog also... and you're right- it's intimidating for us to be new around here with all these fantastic writers. We'll get there!

Fidget said...

hee hee!!

At least they were acceptable panties. Tessa toodled up to me in Target with size 24 purple lacy thong panties and screamed "can I have these?"