Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kamryn's 1st goal

This is Kamryn's second year in soccer, and she has been really enjoying it. Well last night she scored her very 1st goal and she was all excited high fiving her team mates and such. So on the way home I said to her "hey that was a great goal!" She looks at me and says "did it go in?" Um ya LMAO. They are still at the age where they don't keep score and it is all for fun. So we shall see if this 1st goal will feed the thirst for more. It seems the moe they play the more they come together as a team and are really starting to "figure it out".

The only down fall was last night it was so COLD!! The plus it kept the mosquitos away, which have showed up with a vengance. I think all the snow we had this past winter has bit us in the butt again and brought out the pesky little buggers.

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chelle said...

Her first goal!! That is awesome!!
ewww I am not a fan of mosquitoes!