Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Kamryn!!

So today is Kamryn's 6th birthday. Where the time has gone I don't know. Kindergarden started this past fall and is almost over, it is all down hill from here I think. Sad as it is to say it seems as though once they start kindergarden time flies ever so much faster.

Kamryn was our long awaited for baby. We had been trying almost 4 years with no luck, I ended up going to a really great Dr at a fertility clinic. It is amazing what a great Dr can do for you but I that whole story is for another day.

When I went into have Kamryn I had been having some high blood pressure and had been on bed rest and was being monitored by an anti-natal nurse. I was put on the induction list and when we finally got "the call" we hurried off to the hospital. I was 4cm dialated and they put me on the pictocin drip (sp?) upping it every 30 mins. All was great I was feeling quite well, Bruce had me laughing it was all good. They broke my water in the mean time. Well after about 3 hours of being there and nothing it started to hit me all of a sudden, I had contractions start and boy they started. Up until that point I had no need for any medication, I went to the washroom and when I got stuck in their because I couldn't get off the toilet I KNEW I was in trouble. That's when it hit fast and furious, it wasn't to long before I said to my nurse I really need to push, Bruce had gone to phone my BFF since she was suppose to video tape. He got back to me pretty much being wheeled off to the delivery room. This girl was out in 2 pushes!! No joke! All 9lbs 1oz of her!! Even though she was my biggest baby she really was the easiest. Figure??

Now I have this beautiful sensitive little girl. She is my girl who will cry as we watch a movie (a little like her Mom). She is a happy go lucky kid who loves her sisters to pieces. She also farts like a trooper (as I have previously attested to) her dad LOVES that. She has a funny sense of humor. She also has discovered this year that soccer is really fun. This is my sporty girl I think.

I love you my girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(I have added some baby pictures below this post, since I have not figured out how to do them all on 1 post I have to settle for that LOL)

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chelle said...

What a sweet and wonderful birth story!

Happy Birthday Kamryn!