Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And then she was 7!!

Seven years ago she came to us, fast and furious. A gentle soul even then.

It has been quite the year for Kamryn. Starting school full time was a big deal, she loves it so. To hear her read and recognize words she didn't know 9 months ago is bliss, she practices her spelling words everyday and is a great speller. I never have to ask twice when it's time to read or write. She lucked out and her teacher is awesome! I think Kamryn could be described as the "teachers pet". There is nothing more a parent could ask for when your child is praised for being kind, polite, caring, respectful, marvelous, magnificent (these are Miss M's words). It can make a Mom cry, ask me LOL.

Kamryn has grown alot this year, I was looking at pictures of when Jillian was born and it shocked me how "little" she was. She loves her sisters something fierce and would do anything for them.

We have started soccer season and she loves it. While she is a little less aggressive this year, she enjoys the game and loves to cheer on her teammates.

I'm lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. The last 7 years have gone fast but have been a joy. Here are some pictures from the last year.

Happy 7Th Birthday my sweet girl. I love you Kamryn xoxoxo

*Kamryn's b-day is May 29th I hit post to early

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 Years Baby!

Today is the day, we're celebrating 10 years of marriage! How can it have gone by so fast? It has been a good 10 years, of course there has been good, bad and (some) ugly. But here we stand.

One of the nicest things about our wedding day was in the fact that if my Grandparents had been alive it would have been their 50th wedding anniversary! I was so happy that Bruce agreed to that date when he did as it was a Friday which alot of people found weird.

We had a nice small wedding. Forty people type deal, but we just weren't the big "to-do" type people. We watched our wedding video last fall with the girls and Kamryn was like hey where'd you rent this from?? Then she was kinda ticked that Morgyn got to be there and she didn't (how do you explain that one LOL?). We had a lot of kids at the wedding and watching back on that day I hang my head and admit the "theme" song or the one we heard over and over was none other than "I'm a Barbie Girl" by Aqua. You all know this song right?? I have wonderful blackmail video of my then 9 year old cousin dancing away, he is a little scared by that bwaa-ha-haaaa.

It still amazes me to think of when Bruce walked into mine and Morgyn's lives. Some men would have ran when they saw the "package deal" they were walking into. But not my Bruce, he embraced it with open arms. There is no such things as "step-father" in our house. Bruce has 3 girls, it's that simple.

I really don't know what else to say? How can you write it all down when your heart is so full of love?? I'm not the best of writers, well anymore that is. English was my subject in school ( you know waaaaaay back 17 years ago! ACK!!!)

I'm thankful that when I dropped hints starting back oh about 2 years ago that the 10th anniversary was the diamond one, Bruce listened. I got me a nice new shiny piece of bling bling (is that still the term?? LOL) He did well.

Happy 10th Anniversary to you Bruce
Happy 60th Anniversary to my Grandparents

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Hope, My Wish

If it can't be Michael Johns then I'm rooting for David C.

Now I'm off to fight my way thru the piles of clothes I have strewn all about, switching seasons is hard work. I'm only part way thru 2 kids and then I have to do my own, ugh.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Have a wonderful day Mom's everywhere.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well this little bit of fun is courtesy of Wendy of Wendsters Blog, she is so fun people.

1) George Clooney (Brad Pitt ... Nicole Kidman ... you pick one) tells YOUR spouse he will pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spend one night with you. The evening's activities have not been specified. Would your spouse agree to it knowing that you will NEVER get to tell him what you did that evening?

As much as the 1 million would come in handy I'm pretty sure my hubby would say no.

2) Same question, but this time it’s a car salesman from Cincinnati named George Clooney

Still a no.

3) If you could have the house of your dreams (no "reality" limitations), where SPECIFICALLY would it be and what features would it have? Details please...

The house of my dreams would be big enough that I could have my Mom, my sister and her family come and live in it with all of us having our own privacy. I would like a kick ass master bedroom suite: walk-in closet, fireplace, jacuzzi tub and a big king size bed. My girls would have the rooms of their dreams. I would love a nice big yard with enough room for a vegetable garden. Hmmmm my dream house would be something I own (I hate renting).

4) If a kid fairy could wave a magic wand over your children (yes, I know they are already perfect) and remove ONE character trait or habit, which one would you have removed?

Kamryn and Jillian: thumb sucking (bad bad habit they both have)
Morgyn: the teenage eye rolling, 'nuff said

5) Someone’s buying you ANY pet you want. It is guaranteed to love you and be house broken / tame. What kind do you want? I really love love my kitty Piper. But I wuld get a monkey for my BIL- he wants one.

6) Many people feel they lack talent. What talent do you think you lack that you wish you had in spades? I feel I lack the talent of walking into a room and not feeling comfortable. I can be an intorvert and it's so hard to get past that.

7) Would you spend a whole weekend in a "family values" clothing optional resort? They'll give you a day to “find your feet”, but after that they'll be expecting you to join them in their clothing free activities. (dining, square dancing, swimming, badminton ... and yoga). I'd have to pass.

8 ) If after we die, we were to all become naturally occurring phenomenas, which naturally occurring phenomena would YOU hope to become? ...

No contest. Aurora borealis (i'm with Wendy on this one, the Northern Lights can be so stinking amazing)