Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well this little bit of fun is courtesy of Wendy of Wendsters Blog, she is so fun people.

1) George Clooney (Brad Pitt ... Nicole Kidman ... you pick one) tells YOUR spouse he will pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spend one night with you. The evening's activities have not been specified. Would your spouse agree to it knowing that you will NEVER get to tell him what you did that evening?

As much as the 1 million would come in handy I'm pretty sure my hubby would say no.

2) Same question, but this time it’s a car salesman from Cincinnati named George Clooney

Still a no.

3) If you could have the house of your dreams (no "reality" limitations), where SPECIFICALLY would it be and what features would it have? Details please...

The house of my dreams would be big enough that I could have my Mom, my sister and her family come and live in it with all of us having our own privacy. I would like a kick ass master bedroom suite: walk-in closet, fireplace, jacuzzi tub and a big king size bed. My girls would have the rooms of their dreams. I would love a nice big yard with enough room for a vegetable garden. Hmmmm my dream house would be something I own (I hate renting).

4) If a kid fairy could wave a magic wand over your children (yes, I know they are already perfect) and remove ONE character trait or habit, which one would you have removed?

Kamryn and Jillian: thumb sucking (bad bad habit they both have)
Morgyn: the teenage eye rolling, 'nuff said

5) Someone’s buying you ANY pet you want. It is guaranteed to love you and be house broken / tame. What kind do you want? I really love love my kitty Piper. But I wuld get a monkey for my BIL- he wants one.

6) Many people feel they lack talent. What talent do you think you lack that you wish you had in spades? I feel I lack the talent of walking into a room and not feeling comfortable. I can be an intorvert and it's so hard to get past that.

7) Would you spend a whole weekend in a "family values" clothing optional resort? They'll give you a day to “find your feet”, but after that they'll be expecting you to join them in their clothing free activities. (dining, square dancing, swimming, badminton ... and yoga). I'd have to pass.

8 ) If after we die, we were to all become naturally occurring phenomenas, which naturally occurring phenomena would YOU hope to become? ...

No contest. Aurora borealis (i'm with Wendy on this one, the Northern Lights can be so stinking amazing)


A, B & C said...

Oh, no... my daughter is a thumb-sucker too. Are you telling me this goes on and on and on?

wendster said...

ooh ooh ooh! I have a thumb sucking solution. I did this with great success with some kids that I lived next door to. Wanna try it?
Take a PERMANENT marker and color in the fingernail they suck the MOST. Then, color in the SAME fingernail on YOUR finger. The neighborhood all used to color in their fingernails too. We all loved this game. At the end of the day, anyone who has MORE INK on their fingernail than ME WINS THE PRIZE! We danced about in celebration and we each had a couple of gummy bears, or a few m&m's ... the smaller the prize, the better it seemed to work. It was the fame they thrilled in. I always milked it ... stopping by to tell them: RATS! I have to wash dishes today! I bet that soapy water is going to wear off a BUNCH of my ink, and that would bolster their resolve to try harder that day. We don't make a big deal on the days they loose. Just "better luck tomorrow. What's your strategy for beating me tomorrow?" "Tell you to do dishes!" ... but on the days they WIN we whoop it up big for like two minutes and that's it. Then the next morning, let's all ink our fingers!

So ... no George Clooney for you? And no clothing optional square dancing? Lol. A monkey sounds like fun. Good answer!

Thanks for playing! It was fun to read your responses!



chelle said...

Ooo this is a fun one!
I am not into the idea of the nudity either, can you imagine cooking?!?! Ouch!