Monday, August 27, 2007


Well I am finally done. It was bittersweet I have to say. I have had my book in my hands since it was released, sadly I couldn't read it then. Well I could have but at the time we had friends staying with us and while it is one thing to ignore your own flesh and blood you can't very well ignore those that have come 1200 miles to visit you. So it sat until we got back from our own holidays.

Then I started, slowly at 1st. The 1st couple chapters didn't quite reel me in. Then it started to get good. But I read slowly I found myself not wanting it to go too fast since well after this that was it. It was tough to pace myself. It wasn't until I got to the fighting at Hogwarts that I couldn't put it down. I read like a mad woman. Then it was over. I was half expecting to sob my way thru, I had my Aunt who finished her book before me saying if I sobbed YOU will definately be in trouble. But for some reason I didn't? Which is rare for me, I cried like a baby when Dumbledore died in the last book.

I liked it alot. I liked how everything kinda came full circle and how it all made sense. I like how JK tied up all the loose ends. I liked the 19 years later bit, I'm one who wanted to know who married who and what their kids names were.

One of my favorite parts was the description of Lupins and Tonks baby Teddy and his color changing hair, such a little part but I can't wait and hope it will be incorporated into the final movie. I loved how at the end Lily/James/Lupin were by Harry's side as he headed to where Voldermort was, that gave me chills.

But on the whole I really enjoyed the book and it was sad when it was over. Now what LOL??

Sunday, August 26, 2007

If you were a crayon?

What color would you be? I am a blue crayon. Fitting I found since I wear alot of blue.

You are most like:

You are Blue

You are cool and soothing, with a hidden spontanious side. You are deeper than most people percieve, and you care a lot for those whom you surround yourself with.


Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

I found this fun idea via a blog I read. Again I have had troubles linking her blog here (one day i will get it LOL one day)
So what color are you?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Fun Idea

Coming from Cheryl's blog (as much as I have tried I cannot figure out how too add a link *sigh)

You take your middle name--mine happens to be Lee Ann--and use every letter in it to tell something about yourself! I'm officially tagging you all on it and asking you to play along. Put your answers in my comments section, or post a comment letting us know that you are doing it on your own blog.

L -likeable. Although I am quite shy I like to think I am likeable

E- easy going. I am a pretty calm, cool and collect kind of person. I take most things in stride.

E- eager to please. I like to make sure those around me are happy.

A -away. I am away from the city/home I grew up in all my life. It is hard at times to be so far from family and fiends and the "norm" I was use too.

N- nice.. What else is there to say about nice LOL.

N- not a very critical person. I usually see the glass half full and that there is always good in people.

So I thank Cheryl for inspiring this post for me. I have seen it around blogland the last few days and hope to see some more middle names out there.

Friday, August 17, 2007


13 is the age Morgyn turns today. Where has 13 years gone? Where did my scrawny baby with the long arms and legs go?

It seems like eons ago that I woke up the morning of Aug 17 not thinking this was the DAY. It took me about an hour to figure out that no I wasn't peeing myself, my water was trickling LOL. So off to the hospital we went. Morgyn's Dad was at work, so he met us there. I was lucky for the 1st 4 hours I was in labour I felt no contractions. When they started I was like um I can't do this. But then it kinda went fast, I had a shot of demerol and relief. When that wore off they offered me the gas mask, that was 2 hours of unaware bliss. How sad does that sound? The only thing that I remember from that time was trying to get my feet unstuck from under the covers LOL. Then I remember the pushing, and the Dr saying do you want something to numb you? I was like it's not that bad (yeah delusions huh?). And then she was here this 7lbs 8oz baby looking up at with the most bright brown eyes I had ever seen. That is how she became Morgyn, it was either that or Rebecca. But those eyes did it, my baby book said Morgyn meant bright eyes of the sea. It was a shoo in.

We grew together those 1st years Morgyn and I. Her Dad and I didn't stay together as a couple but we stayed friends and we still get along well to this day. It has always just worked the best for Morgyn that we do. She also inherited Bruce as a Dad, he came into her life when she was 2. Morgyn doesn't remember a time that he wasn't with us. She lucked out there, well we both did. Bruce loves Morgyn as if she was his by blood, and no one could ever tell him or her she wasn't.

So here we are 13 years later and she has crept up to be taller that me already. My shoes are too small on her. She is going to be a tall girl that's for sure. I love watching her grow into a young woman. The teen attitude will likely kill me, but then I remember my parents survived 4 of us girls LOL.

So Happy 13th Birthday to my sweet girl. Sniff sniff, time goes all to fast.

Monday, August 13, 2007


And yes I'm yelling. I hate you I really do!!

I hate that you took away my Grandfather!
I hate that you took away my Uncle!
I hate that you are going to take away my Aunt's friend!
I hate that you pick no favorites young/old/male/female!
I hate that you are in this world!

I hate that one of my BFF's is so sick with fighting you that she can't come to the phone.

I hate that your going to make her hair fall out to get rid of you!

I hate that there already has been days when you have made her want to give up.

I hate that you have torn her family apart, leaving her younger children wondering where Mommy is and her older ones knowing all to well where she is!

I hate that her husband is so torn he doesn't know where to go? To the kids, to his wife, to work? Since unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees and while his wife is sick there are still bills to pay.

I hate that you have struck and I am so damn far away I CAN'T help!!!

Yes dear internet I am angry, I'm mad as hell! I had been in Winnipeg for all of 36 hours and I phone one of my BFF's Jennifer, who had JUST been out to visit with her family and we were excited to get to see each other again in a few weeks. I was not expecting to hear when I phoned her house that the day before she gotten the dx of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, herein after referred to as APL (since I don't want to be too crude but at this moment that fucking APL comes to mind). To say I was shocked was an understatement, to say they were shocked was an even bigger understatement! By the time I left Winnipeg (which was really hard) she had almost finished a 7 day course of chemotherapy, she was trying to figure what to do with her hair? shave it before it started to fall out? She was battling with the fact that she won't be taking one of her DD's Cierra to get back to school clothes or school supplies. She was battling with a sore mouth that was not letting anything pass thru comfortably. She well was just battling for her life.

Things were thrown at her (them) so fast before they had time to settle down she was already hooked up to bags of "poison" as she calls it. There is talk of her going the Naturopath way (which scares the hell out of me), the only reason she even started chemo was that the Dr her mother sees for Naturopath was away for 2 weeks and the Dr's at the hospital said that she didn't have that time to WAIT!

Did I mention that Jennifers mother was dx a year ago with terminal lung cancer, she is doing the Naturopath treatments because they couldn't do anything else for her. She has lived 6 months longer than they told her and still is doing well.

But I guess for me it is ignorance is bliss I do not know much about Naturopath. It just scares the hell out of me when Jennifer talks of doing that instead of chemo, I mean she has 4 kids and a husband, family and friends. But I digress, this is not about me it is about how CANCER SUCKS ASS!!!

This is all I can muster up about this right now.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I have resisted saying that these last 2+ years we have been here in Edmonton. Home is suppose to be Winnipeg where I lived for 30 years! I was very glad to make it home yesterday. The driving was very loooong. We did it in one day on the way their CRAZY is all I have to say about that!! Our drive back was alot better, we did it in 2 days this time. No frenzied 15 hour drive, a nice broken up one.

We had a great visit. Saw friends and laughed, saw friends and visited saw friends and cried. My BFF girls were dancing at the Chilean Pavillion for Folklorama and we went and watched, we had some good food and watched Alli And Bella dance.

My sister and I went to the Nickelback concert. It was frickin awesome!! I have loved them for a long time and it was just fluke that they ended up in Winnipeg when we were there, a sure sign that I was to go I figure or thats what I tell Bruce, I have gone a little crazy with concert tickets lately. I'm going to Keith Urban in September and Brad Paisley in October. Nickelback was my sisters 1st concert ever, she got jipped out of going to Tim McGraw with me a few years back (damn assh**e ex-boyfriends)

There are some things we miss about Winnipeg, sadly they have to do with food LOL. So back with me I brought potatoes, tomatoes, rice, and Jeannes cake. ALberta potatoes sucks the big one, don't ask me why? But they do. Jeannes cake we grew up on and they are really just a standard cake with this yummy shortbread bottom. Love it!!

But as usual time flew while we were there, my Mom came back with us so that made leaving easier.

The next time we go back my sister will have had her baby, a little girl Israel Jade (not sure if that is how they will spell Israel?)

I had one more thing happen when we were there but that deserves another post of it's own. So I will sign off and try and get thru preparing that one.