Monday, August 27, 2007


Well I am finally done. It was bittersweet I have to say. I have had my book in my hands since it was released, sadly I couldn't read it then. Well I could have but at the time we had friends staying with us and while it is one thing to ignore your own flesh and blood you can't very well ignore those that have come 1200 miles to visit you. So it sat until we got back from our own holidays.

Then I started, slowly at 1st. The 1st couple chapters didn't quite reel me in. Then it started to get good. But I read slowly I found myself not wanting it to go too fast since well after this that was it. It was tough to pace myself. It wasn't until I got to the fighting at Hogwarts that I couldn't put it down. I read like a mad woman. Then it was over. I was half expecting to sob my way thru, I had my Aunt who finished her book before me saying if I sobbed YOU will definately be in trouble. But for some reason I didn't? Which is rare for me, I cried like a baby when Dumbledore died in the last book.

I liked it alot. I liked how everything kinda came full circle and how it all made sense. I like how JK tied up all the loose ends. I liked the 19 years later bit, I'm one who wanted to know who married who and what their kids names were.

One of my favorite parts was the description of Lupins and Tonks baby Teddy and his color changing hair, such a little part but I can't wait and hope it will be incorporated into the final movie. I loved how at the end Lily/James/Lupin were by Harry's side as he headed to where Voldermort was, that gave me chills.

But on the whole I really enjoyed the book and it was sad when it was over. Now what LOL??


Cheryl Wray said...

Just absolutely WONDERFUL book!!!! I'm a book cryer anyway, and this one absolutely made me crazy!! My eyes were big and red and splotchy throughout it!! LOL
The part that got me the worst--when Snape was dying and he had Harry come down and look in his eyes. He was looking into Lily's eyes! That just got me really bad!!
And also Dobby's death!
And the epilogue was just perfect!! Loved it!!!!

chelle said...

I too loved the epilogue. I always fantasize the future for characters :P

I miss the Canadian edition, the US book is different (the cover) and does not match my others!

Linlee said...

I've never read one! I was afraid I'd get hooked.

Jenn said...

I'm with you, in the beginning I was trying to slowly take in every single word, but by the end, I was flying through, and sad when it ended.

It was a great read, though. Loved all of it.

Overwhelmed! said...

I loved this book (and the entire series) too! I wish she would've talked a bit about what type of careers the main characters ended up with, but at least she mentioned their marriages and the kids.

I actually did sob through parts of the book...the part where Harry walked in to death with his parents, Serius, and Lupin at his side brought tears to my eyes!

I read the book quickly...I got it that Saturday at noon in the mail and had it finished by Sunday at 3 p.m.!

I've heard that J.K. is considering creating a Harry Potter encyclopedia to define more of the characters/locations throughout the entire series. I really hope she does so I can buy it!

I have full intentions of re-reading the entire series again (maybe more than once).