Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Fun Idea

Coming from Cheryl's blog (as much as I have tried I cannot figure out how too add a link *sigh)

You take your middle name--mine happens to be Lee Ann--and use every letter in it to tell something about yourself! I'm officially tagging you all on it and asking you to play along. Put your answers in my comments section, or post a comment letting us know that you are doing it on your own blog.

L -likeable. Although I am quite shy I like to think I am likeable

E- easy going. I am a pretty calm, cool and collect kind of person. I take most things in stride.

E- eager to please. I like to make sure those around me are happy.

A -away. I am away from the city/home I grew up in all my life. It is hard at times to be so far from family and fiends and the "norm" I was use too.

N- nice.. What else is there to say about nice LOL.

N- not a very critical person. I usually see the glass half full and that there is always good in people.

So I thank Cheryl for inspiring this post for me. I have seen it around blogland the last few days and hope to see some more middle names out there.


Cheryl Wray said...

WONDERFUL list!!!! i love it!!
You know I already did hope some others join in!!
Have a great weekend!

wendster said...

Hey Jacquie! I forgot to give you Connie's e mail address. Connie is my friend who survived cancer twice. She is awesome. She JUST got back from vacation and I told her that your friend might be writing and she is looking forward to it ... so please forward her e mail address to your friend. She has INCREDIBLE resources for surviving cancer.

wendster said...

p.s. ANYONE is welcome to write to Connie. She would LOVE to help anyone who is dealing with cancer. She has lots of answers and feels it is her mission in life to help others who are battling this aggressive disease.

that's her personal e mail address. She is new to blogging so the personal e mail address works better for her for now.

chelle said...

ok my Middle Name = Lee

L - Loving having my two kids.

E - Excited about the prospect of coming home.

E - Exasperated that I have so much housework to catch up on.

hehe :)