Saturday, August 11, 2007


I have resisted saying that these last 2+ years we have been here in Edmonton. Home is suppose to be Winnipeg where I lived for 30 years! I was very glad to make it home yesterday. The driving was very loooong. We did it in one day on the way their CRAZY is all I have to say about that!! Our drive back was alot better, we did it in 2 days this time. No frenzied 15 hour drive, a nice broken up one.

We had a great visit. Saw friends and laughed, saw friends and visited saw friends and cried. My BFF girls were dancing at the Chilean Pavillion for Folklorama and we went and watched, we had some good food and watched Alli And Bella dance.

My sister and I went to the Nickelback concert. It was frickin awesome!! I have loved them for a long time and it was just fluke that they ended up in Winnipeg when we were there, a sure sign that I was to go I figure or thats what I tell Bruce, I have gone a little crazy with concert tickets lately. I'm going to Keith Urban in September and Brad Paisley in October. Nickelback was my sisters 1st concert ever, she got jipped out of going to Tim McGraw with me a few years back (damn assh**e ex-boyfriends)

There are some things we miss about Winnipeg, sadly they have to do with food LOL. So back with me I brought potatoes, tomatoes, rice, and Jeannes cake. ALberta potatoes sucks the big one, don't ask me why? But they do. Jeannes cake we grew up on and they are really just a standard cake with this yummy shortbread bottom. Love it!!

But as usual time flew while we were there, my Mom came back with us so that made leaving easier.

The next time we go back my sister will have had her baby, a little girl Israel Jade (not sure if that is how they will spell Israel?)

I had one more thing happen when we were there but that deserves another post of it's own. So I will sign off and try and get thru preparing that one.


chelle said...

Sounds like a great vacation! The concert sounds so dreamy and so Canadian! Girl you are making me feel all homesick!

wendster said...

I just mapquested Alberta and Winnipeg. I am from So. California and know very little of Canada. Alberta is HUGE! Are you at the north end of it or the south? That IS a long drive to Winnipeg. How nice that you could visit. Maybe you could tell us readers what there is to like about Alberta and show us some pics? I would love to see some!