Monday, January 28, 2008

Bumps In The Night

I was woke out of a dead sleep the other night with a loud boom/bang/clang sound. I lay there for a few minutes trying to figure out what it was, wondering should I get up? Well then I hear it again the loud boom/bang/clang! With this one I was like "Um, Bruce I keep hearing these odd noises", hubby is of course sawing logs oblivious to any sounds. So he gets up and heads into the living room and downstairs, I'm feeling all brave now so I get up and follow. Piper the kitty does too, she's so ferocious. So we check all the windows, rooms etc and nothing. We go back to bed and Bruce says "Well I don't know what you heard?" A few minutes later it happened again the loud boom/bang/clang. So Bruce jumps back up and heads out of the room again. He comes back a few minutes later and says I found the culprit, here our outside front door was being blow into the stair railing in the snowstorm we were having. We usually keep it locked. So he fixed the problem, came back to bed. "Good sleuthing Sherlock!" I say. I'm glad that he was home as if it had been just us girls I'd have crapped my pants.

Now we have tons of snow that has fallen and blown all over. And the best part, the temps are hovering at -42 with the windchill! Now that is fun times huh! Jealous??

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow, My bad

Ok I have not been here forever! So I could have a super long post coming, I will try and be kind. What is new?? Well I had a birthday along with Bruce, who btw way is waaaaaay older than me ;-)

My girls made me a cake, how cool are they! Daddy wasn't home so they stepped up! Love them to bits!

School started back and well I can't wait for spring break, heck I can't wait for no snow! Snow pants/hats/mitts/scares and boots, seriously are starting to suck butt! Grrrrrr, yep I feeling a little bit of the winter blah's.

But on a much cuter note, I have a "mountain in my yard" or at least according to Jillian, oh to see the world thru the eyes of a 2.5 year old. Nothing can compare to the innocence.

Now what else?? Well we have been potty training Jillian, she has been alot more receptive this time "woohoo", I also think the Max and Ruby toilet seat has helped the cause. Well that and the gummy bear rewards, bribery at it's best! I will refrain from the sitting on the potty pictures as well, one day Jillian may come across this blog and go "Um Mom, WTH???"

Last but not least I must cover a tag, Wendy tagged me for a "bag tag" so here goes with what's in my bag:

Not alot of exciting stuff, I guess the diaper and wipes will be soon replaced by pull ups and panties. I have pictures of my girls and my BFF in her Nursing Graduate pictures. I always carry hand lotion and Carmex, why they are still in the screening bags from when I took Morgyn to the airport ohhh a month ago well ya got me there?? He he he. Oh and I love my blue wallet, when I bought it my Mom and sister laughed at me, it was totally not something I would buy. Isn't it pretty? I have a great summer purse it goes with.

So that is my bag, so sorry I took so long Wendy. I will try to get in more often, gotta keep my faithful readers happy, ya know all 5 of you ;-)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It was a sleepy New Year.

So here we are a few days into the New Year already. Our evening was nice, we had lots of yummy nibbles. My Aunt and I had some yummy "adult" drinks and the girls had a "special" concoction of their own. We just kinda hung out. My Aunt decided around 9pm that she needed a nap, so the girls and I watched tv. Jillian was in bed by 10pm (no nap will do that to a girl). Around 11pm Kamryn and I talked to my Mom, sister and Morgyn who were all in Winnipeg and 1 hour ahead of us so they hit the New Year 1st. Around 11:30pm we got off the phone and we snuggled down on the floor with some blankies. We all know where this is going right? I ended up falling asleep and missed the countdown, so did my Aunt. The only one up was the 6 year old, she wakes us up around 12:45 and said "You guys missed it, but I watched" LOL. Sad but true story, my 6 year old partied it up more than her mother.

So I'm not really a resolution kinda girl. I'm not much of a stickler to them, so I figure I'm just going to wing and see what comes.

Oh Ya Cheryl (over at Life With Cheryl yes I still can't figure the link thingy) had a RAK that I have been picked as the winner Woohoo! Great way to start the New Year.