Monday, January 28, 2008

Bumps In The Night

I was woke out of a dead sleep the other night with a loud boom/bang/clang sound. I lay there for a few minutes trying to figure out what it was, wondering should I get up? Well then I hear it again the loud boom/bang/clang! With this one I was like "Um, Bruce I keep hearing these odd noises", hubby is of course sawing logs oblivious to any sounds. So he gets up and heads into the living room and downstairs, I'm feeling all brave now so I get up and follow. Piper the kitty does too, she's so ferocious. So we check all the windows, rooms etc and nothing. We go back to bed and Bruce says "Well I don't know what you heard?" A few minutes later it happened again the loud boom/bang/clang. So Bruce jumps back up and heads out of the room again. He comes back a few minutes later and says I found the culprit, here our outside front door was being blow into the stair railing in the snowstorm we were having. We usually keep it locked. So he fixed the problem, came back to bed. "Good sleuthing Sherlock!" I say. I'm glad that he was home as if it had been just us girls I'd have crapped my pants.

Now we have tons of snow that has fallen and blown all over. And the best part, the temps are hovering at -42 with the windchill! Now that is fun times huh! Jealous??


chelle said...

eeps on the scary noise!!

brrrrr on the weather! It snow-rains here a lot but has yet to dip below -17

A, B & C said...

The snow sounds lovely, but not the temperature! Stay warm!