Friday, February 1, 2008

Man it's cold!

Well it seems we're still in our deep freeze! Can I even say how tired I am of the cold?? I mean come on -40's + with the windchill is inhumane. The consolation could be Yellowknife, NT was the coldest spot in Canada the other day. They were a balmy -42 without the windchill! While that was us with the windchill. I bet they must think we are wimps when we complain!

This was out my side door the other day (I apologize for the bad pictures)

While the snow has stopped blowing it's still frigid. Morgyn is loving it as she is getting chauffered to school, it's a little to cold to jump on old Transit Tom. Even Kamryn is getting driven to school and we're talking a 3 minute walk, but with Jillian it's just to darn cold to pull her in the sled.

If there is a bright side to the last week, we went shooping the other day. A nice warm winter activity! The girls got gift certificates from Build-A-Bear for Christmas so we went down. It only ended up costing us $10 out of our own pocket, which is pretty reasonable for that store. It still blows me away at the $5 underwear for stuffed animals, and the $10 shoes! OMG, whoever thunk that store up was a freakin genius!

The other bright side? Today is Friday! Woohoo. No getting up in the mornings for 2 whole days. Ahhhhhh.

P.S. Forgive any spelling mistakes, my spell check isn't working???


wendster said...

I am just as guilty of being "absent" .... I have managed to get to my OWN blog every day, but hardly to anyone else's all month.
Glad to catch up with you. YES I DO love your blue wallet. Very nice. And what is Carmex? I wonder if we have it out here? Lip gloss? My purse used to look the same until we finished potty training Tristan. Man we LOVE being done with potty training. SNOW. Yes, I know you are feeling the "I've had enough of the snow blues" but I am a wee bit jealous over here. I just love snow. At least, I know I love to VISIT snow. I can't imagine how it would be to have piles of warm things to dry out over and over again. And driveways to shovel, and windows to de-ice. Must be time consuming.
How nice to have such a sweet hubby to rescue from the bumps in the night.
Well ... good to catch up with you. Glad to see you are back to blogging. I've appreciated your comments and I will do a better job in the future commenting on your blog posts as well. Mastering including SEVEN goals a day was a big challenge at the beginning. Now it seems a bit easier. It used to take me until 2:30 a.m. because I didn't START until midnight! LOL. Now I'm usually done by 11 pm. A bit better! ha.
Have a great week .. . and build a snowman for me if the urge takes you. I really love them.

chelle said...

holy beeegeez that is too cold! Glad all is well with you and the girls. It is cool here in comparison but we are loving the library as an indoor but out of the house activity,

The George's said...

My spell check hasn't been working either. I so wish that it would snow down in Arizona. I love snow. It is so pretty!