Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh What A Week

My poor baby has been sick.

Jillian started Monday with a fever, at times she hit 102.5 which was pretty scary as that was after Tylenol, it was not an easy task to get her temperature taken. She wasn't liking this hey lets put this thing under your arm until it beeps. I had a heck of a time getting Tylenol into her too, I had to sneak it into pudding cake the 1st day and the 2nd day well she had caught on. I put it in her juice but it "tasted yucky" I'm told LOL. Smart kid. We are now left with a terrible cough and a snotty nose. I'm hoping she doesn't share with her sisters, or me for that matter.

I had a scary moment the other night, I had put her into my bed to sleep and I was down stairs and I heard her screaming. I run upstairs and Jillian is lying there just shaking like crazy, I figure it had to be the chills. It was weird though as it took me a bit to settle her and she was kinda babbling and I swear she said "Jillian not dead!" I was like WTH?? Did I hear that right?? I still doubt myself? But it scared the crap out of me none the less.


Much More Than a Mom said...

That's creepy!

I hope she's feeling better soon. Thank God my son loves his drugs so I haven't had that fight yet. He asks for "Ahvil" before bed!

A, B & C said...

Scary- I hope she's feeling better soon. Love Bug likes anything that tastes sweet so giving her medicine hasn't been too hard so far.
I wanted to also tell you that I "considered myself tagged" for your MY HUBBIE post, so stop by to see my answers.

chelle said...

aww poor girl. My daughter is like MMTaM's son...loves her drugs :)

Boy are we in trouble later :P

Hope she is feeling better already & doesn't share!

Linlee said...

I hope she's feeling better. My little one is sick too.

wendster said...

OMG. That would be SO scary!

No wonder you were so scared.

I hope she will soon be on the mend.

Perhaps you could give her a nickel for taking the medicine? It worked for my ex.


amanda said...

I hope she starts feeling better! Have a good weekend! :)

wendster said...

Is everyone feeling better now?

Hugs and chicken soup to all of you.

You are missed.

Leslie said...

Oh gosh. How scary! I hope your little one feels better.