Monday, February 25, 2008


There is nothing better in the world than visits. Especially when you left "home" almost 3 years ago and left family and friends behind. When you get a phone call for your BFF that starts out routine and then she says "Oh ya I'm flying out on Monday OK!" whats a girl to do??? Well besides clean like crazy she (or me) gets ape shit excited as we only have 2 sleeps till the day! WOOOHOOO. So that was my week last week. My BFF (Michely) came out for a visit, and we had a blast. We shopped, talked, watched our favorite shows, had lots of sushi and tempura, and basically hung out. It was awesome. On Friday to cap the week we went to the Family Dance at Kamryns school and partied it up there, I won 4 movie passes to boot. Life is good!

Oh and look who has enough hair for these:

we are that much closer to being less "follicly challenged" which I don't think is really a word but hey the girl hasn't had much hair the last few years LOL.


chelle said...

YAY for having your BFF come for a visit!!! How fun!!

awww look at those pigtails.

Susan said...

Your little girl is a doll! Suishi yum yum yum!