Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day all! We're just having a quiet laid back day. Kamryn was off to school as happy and excited as a 6 year old girl could be, she was so cute. Yesterday she says "Mom, the principal said we needed to wear red, pink or orange (ya that one threw me off too) for Valentine's Day" Okay, easy enough. So I got out her pink turtleneck and black pullover dress for her to wear. "Um, Mom I don't think we can wear black? she says. LOL, I think it will be ok.

We made Valentine's which she loved, she was like Mom did you make them when you were a kid?? Nope we bought them, I replied. Which shocked her to say the least LOL. I was going to make some fortune cookies I has seen in my Womans World magazine but I lost my mo-jo and sent grapes instead. Either which way it was all good.

Hope you all have a great day with those you love!!

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chelle said...

hehe how cute!!! Too cool that you made the valentine's!