Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where does it go??

Time that is? It seems as if time flies even faster these days, why is that??

My Jillian is feeling better, phew. Almost 2 weeks she was down, and then of course she shared with me. Yay! I love when my kids share....NOT. Well in the case of germs that is.

Explain to me how the one who doesn't go to school ends up sick? How the ones who go to school don't? In my neurotic-ness I always think ok she got sick because we went to the mall and she touched something, some lingering germ? Crazy I know, but hey when she had the flu in December that no one else got we had just been at the mall. Coincidence??

It's funny when the snow melts and we start to fall out of our winter clothes the 1st thing I hear is OMG Jillian has gotten so big. A Mom at school the other day saw her walking and was like "Is that the sled baby?" Yup I said. LOL.

But Jillian has grown, how I know this is when I called the pre-school down the street to see if they had any spots open this fall. GASP, yep I said pre-school!! My baby can go this fall, even if it's just 2 days a week. She needs it. The interaction with other kids, time away from Mommy. This came very apparent after she was sick, which then of course she stuck to me like glue. I started a weekend job for the next 2 months and that 1st day she was miserable. Granted she still wasn't feeling 100% but it wasn't pretty, she did ok this past weekend though.

Spring is definitely making an appearance, the snow is melting. Quite fast too. We have been well above 0 for a week or so. Yay. I also found tulips starting to pop up in my flower beds. I almost fell over in shock, he he he.


chelle said...

Times flies way too fast I tell ya!

Glad Jillian is feeling better!

I wish there was spring weather here!!!! It is cold and windy and cold!

wendster said...

Hey! I thought I commented on this post! I must be losing my mind. How silly that I read it and then I wonder what happened? Maybe Tristan called me away.
Anyways ... yes ... I am always looking for time too.
Glad that Jillian is feeling better! yay!
Just in time for Easter celebrations.
I was missing you. Good to see you.

Linlee said...

OMG! I have tulips coming up too!!! The previous owner of our house planted them EVERYWHERE. I have tulips growing in spots that aren't even flower beds anymore.