Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Or was it weird that the Leprechaun and the Easter Bunny came to our houses in the same week?? I can't recall that occurring before, and since it's not suppose to happen for approximately another 200 years (I think it was??) I'll take it.

Kamryn loves when the Leprechaun comes to visit, she gets a kick out of the naughty stuff he does, thankfully Morgyn reminded me of this before we went to bed. Here are some of his antics.

Luckily the Easter Bunny was not as mischievous. Our cat Piper got great joy in batting around the jelly beans from the trail Mr. E.B. leaves.

Spring Break is creeping up fast and I'm not fighting it. Two more sleeps, woohoo. We don't have a whole lot planned, the girls received an xbox 360 yesterday and I'm guessing they are excited to get some Guitar Hero and Dance Revolution down pat. Nothing like trying to follow a bunch of arrows to make a grown woman feel like a moron LOL.


A, B & C said...

I didn't like having Easter so early this year! Being born in North Carolina, I was always used to sunny, warm Easter sundays. But I'm sure since that never happens in Canada!

I like that you have a leprechaun visit your house and create mischief. We might have to try that when Love Bug gets older! Do you have an Irish background?

Linlee said...

What a cute idea to have the Leprechaun come visit. Great idea!

Jacquie said...

My Grandfather was Irish so there is some ancestry/heritage there(what's the right word??)

chelle said...

I love this idea!!!! How totally cute!

I am glad the festivities were wonderful.

wendster said...

Thank you for enlightening me! I had no IDEA that the leprechauns were such practical jokers!!! I must "look" for their mischief trails next year!
Thank you again! That looks like SO much fun. Loved the lampshade on the horse and the high chair on the table. Too too funny, those leprechauns!

And a trail of jelly beans? TOO clever!

I learn something new EVERY time I stop by your blog, don't I?

p.s. Good to see you!



wendster said...

Just checking in to say "hi" and see if there is news from the Camp Where Girls Rule.
Is it getting any warmer up there?