Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Tonight American Idol was all wrong, but of course that is jmo. But I really do believe the voters got it oh so wrong tonight. I mean Carly could not have looked more shocked if she had tried, she truly looked as if she believed she was going home. However my heart belonged to this guy, sigh.

It started back when they were still eliminating them from 100, and Michael sang Bohemian Rhapsody. He didn't even sing that much of the song, they don't really at that point. But what he did sing had me hooked from then and there on.

I use to like David Archuleta, but the last little while he just hasn't been impressing me. I guess because I heart Michael (yes I'm obsessed LOL. Now what is a girl suppose to do?? I guess hope that someone out there calls him up and says come one Michael we have a deal for you! I would be the 1st in line to buy his record.

It seems as though spring just might be here to stay, I say this with baited breath after the snow we had last weekend. It had to be a good 5cm at least. But this weekend however they are forecasting temperature in the 20's (or 68F). Now how beautiful is that!!!!

Of course the downfall is I have to work. Which I have been doing for the last 6 weeks but just on weekends, and likely only till the beginning of May. We have a Full House Lottery on here right now and I'm working in these fan-freakin-tastic houses selling tickets to some lucky people, 3 of which are going to walk away with million dollar prizes for $100. It's insane. But they support 2 of the hospitals in the city which will see them both earning approximately $3 million a piece. Can't go wrong there. The houses well all I can say is WOW. They each have a special feature 1. a 2 storey library 2. an indoor lap pool and 3. a golf simulator. I wish I could figure out how to post the link but I still suck at that. But seriously google Full House Lottery 2008 and take a peak, it's worth a few minutes of your time.

But I'm going to head out and mourn the loss of my A.I. favorite. Have I mentioned I'm crushed?? ;-)


chelle said...

Wow working the weekends! You go girl! I do not watch AI, but I feel for you!

Leslie said...

It's so not fair! Michael Johns was my pick, too. I just LOVE him. I cannot believe he's gone. I wanted to cry.

At least I've still got my little Jason Castro...

Joannah said...

I was surprised he went home, too. I thought it would be Cyeisha (however she spells her name). I like her, but the judges give her a hard time every week.

wendster said...

WHAT!??!?! HE'S GONE!?!??!

Oh ... that's it.

I'm not watching anymore.

And that house lottery sounds really cool. What a PHENOMENAL IDEA!

Maybe we could sell our houses like that! None of our properties are moving right now and several of them are 3 or 9 months behind in the mortgages. One is a month away from being auctioned! Tough times out here. But an auction? That's brilliant.

I'm going to go and tell my husband to google that.

Linlee said...

I know! Totally not fair....