Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Yup these pictures are no joke, they were taken this past weekend. While spring has sprung all over it seems that we had a cruel joke played on us. I'm so over snow, my yard looks like it did back in January but it's April. I guess I know why I hadn't put away the snow pants/jackets/mitts/scarf etc, so I either jinxed myself or I had a foretelling that it was to come LOL.

It's warming up which is good. Kamryn was suppose to have her 1st soccer practice on Sunday, I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Unless they trade in their cleats for snowshoes.

SO here's hoping this will be the last blast of winter. As I said, I'm tired of snow!


A, B & C said...

Wow! Snow sounds miserable right now, but don't worry, it doesn't feel very springy here either. Let's home for warm, sunny weather for both of us!

wendster said...

I know a b c already said it ... but WOW!!!!


That's a lot of snow!

Is this typical for Canada? I'm getting the feeling that it isn't.

Good thing you kept the snow stuff handy. That's just wisdom. That's all. I don't think you jinxed yourself.

Wishing warmth your way. You can have some of ours! It was in the NINETIES again this weekend.

chelle said...

hehehe so Canada ... so alberta!