Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow, My bad

Ok I have not been here forever! So I could have a super long post coming, I will try and be kind. What is new?? Well I had a birthday along with Bruce, who btw way is waaaaaay older than me ;-)

My girls made me a cake, how cool are they! Daddy wasn't home so they stepped up! Love them to bits!

School started back and well I can't wait for spring break, heck I can't wait for no snow! Snow pants/hats/mitts/scares and boots, seriously are starting to suck butt! Grrrrrr, yep I feeling a little bit of the winter blah's.

But on a much cuter note, I have a "mountain in my yard" or at least according to Jillian, oh to see the world thru the eyes of a 2.5 year old. Nothing can compare to the innocence.

Now what else?? Well we have been potty training Jillian, she has been alot more receptive this time "woohoo", I also think the Max and Ruby toilet seat has helped the cause. Well that and the gummy bear rewards, bribery at it's best! I will refrain from the sitting on the potty pictures as well, one day Jillian may come across this blog and go "Um Mom, WTH???"

Last but not least I must cover a tag, Wendy tagged me for a "bag tag" so here goes with what's in my bag:

Not alot of exciting stuff, I guess the diaper and wipes will be soon replaced by pull ups and panties. I have pictures of my girls and my BFF in her Nursing Graduate pictures. I always carry hand lotion and Carmex, why they are still in the screening bags from when I took Morgyn to the airport ohhh a month ago well ya got me there?? He he he. Oh and I love my blue wallet, when I bought it my Mom and sister laughed at me, it was totally not something I would buy. Isn't it pretty? I have a great summer purse it goes with.

So that is my bag, so sorry I took so long Wendy. I will try to get in more often, gotta keep my faithful readers happy, ya know all 5 of you ;-)


A, B & C said...

What sweet girls to make you a cake! My birthday is this week- it seems like there are a lot of January birthdays! Come back sooner next time. :-)

chelle said...

Awww how wonderful that the girls made such a fantastic cake!!!
Happy Birthday!

You are so organized .... I am ashamed of my bag at the moment :)

Winter is long with toques, mittens, scarves ... not to mention the COLD!

Shar said...

I love the cake!!! Homemade, kid cakes are the best!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet cake you got. :)

Good luck with the potty training. We're still working with our son on that. He's pretty good with #1. He's not so good with #2. I'm waiting for that day when it just "clicks" for him.

Bina said...

If you're 2, and short, that would definitely be a mountain! I'm jealous. I sure wish it would snow here!!!!!

Nice blog.

Susan said...

Oh, I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday, looks like a few birthdays are happening this month. How fun to have kids make you a cake.

I wish it would snow here too. I believe I am the same latitude as you. All we get is rain rain...

Jolene George said...

What could be sweeter than a birthday cake made by your children.
Love the snows pics...we dont get that white stuff here. :o)
Potty training years...hard times...glad it's over for me. hee...hee..
My purse was a mess before I got the new one and had to clean it out.

fidget said...

Happy belated birthday! I can tell gobs of love and sugar went in to making that cake!