Saturday, May 5, 2007

Playing Hairdresser

So Morgyn has been blessed/cursed with this head of tight curly course hair that at this time in her life she totally hates. We usually get it professionally straightened/relaxed whatever you want to call it but since Bruce has just started with a new company we just don't have the spare $80.

So I went and picked up an over the counter one. I bring it home and show it to Morgyn, this was the rest of the conversation.

Morgyn: Cool. So who's gonna do it?

Me: Um well ME!

Morgyn: Oh. Well what about Dave's girlfriend isn't she a hairdresser? Couldn't she come do it?

Me: Well I can read the instructions. I'm sure it will be easy enough to do.

Morgyn: Well ya BUT Dave's G/F is a hairdresser.

Well thank you my 1st born I'm so glad you have faith in me. I mean come on I grew you for 42 weeks (yes 42 loooooong weeks) pushed you out and have kept y0u alive this long. This will be a piece of cake.

And guess what it was, she still has hair and we just need to straigh iron it to see the effects of the $13 treatment compared to the $80 one. Morgyn and Kamryn have totally different hair types, Jillian well she is still what I like to cal "follicly challenged" LOL. I hope one day that will change.


chelle said...


Flashbacks! I have naturally curly hair and HATED it when I was in school. I wanted it straight so bad. I got no sympathy from my step-mom at the time, so kudos to you for respecting your daughter's feelings!

Now I am all curly and love that my hair is unique and has a mind of its' own! hehe funny how things change!

Your daughters are so beautiful!

Her Bad Mother said...

Ha! As the mother of a follicly challenged toddler I ENVY the very idea of a curly head of hair.

They're gorgeous, btw. Totally.

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how girls are about their hair... The loathing starts early.

Jolene George said...

So funny! At least she caved and let you do it. Sure beats 80 bucks. The girls look so pretty in that picture.