Monday, April 30, 2007

It's really here!!

This picture is a little misleading as it is from last summer BUT never the less I think spring is finally here! I say this after a very long winter that started oh back in October and well we still had snow falling the beginning of April. I have been told that is unusual weather for Edmonton, and considering our 1st year here it is slighty believable.

I'm so anxious to plant my garden! I seem to have a little budding gardener in Kamryn, she too is ready to plant! She so wants to plant corn this year? I'm going to try and see what happens. I'm also hoping that she will extend the interest past the dropping the seeds into the ground and well Mommy will take care of the rest LOL.

My green thumb is quite new found. Up until 2 years ago my family was well aware that it was pretty much a death sentence for any form of plant life if it came into my midst. But I have triumphed and can grow a reasonably decent garden and flower bed. Woohoo.


chelle said...

I want a garden so bad! Look at your backyard! It is so pretty!! Enjoy spring! i am glad it has finally arrived up north!

Jolene George said...

You garden last year was beautiful! I really want to do a square foot garden. Hopefully I will have a green thumb. Gardening in the Arizona heat is not so easy, so I may not start till fall. I can't wait to see you garden this year.

Lisa said...

Love your "About Me" pic. Very pretty.

Your yard looks pretty good. I'm envious!