Thursday, April 12, 2007


Babies seem to be everywhere. My "baby" so to speak I have come to realize I must refer to her as my toddler. Then well there is my "baby" who is going into Gr.1 next fall. The most significant change is my soon to be 13 year old "baby".

When we had Jillian it was assumed she would be the last. I found that the the 1st's with her were so much more apparent. I'm guessing because she is it. Although I say that now and I seem hesitant to myself. I dare not say that to Bruce as I think he would be scared. Very scared! LOL.

I guess for me the biggest thing was at 31 yrs olds saying I was done? In some cases 31 year olds are just starting their families not finishing them. And then well there is this little bit of infertility that I had put upon me. After I had Morgyn it seems by body went for bust and after 4 years of trying to conceive to no avail we finally were referred to s specialist and he had me dx with PCOS and well we were pregnant within 3 months. We had to do the the drug regiment Metformin/Clomid/Progesterone and were fortunate to have had it work with both Kamryn and Jillian. I guess my thing now is to use those drugs again well thats when we would end up with a multiple birth LOL.

I did conceive on my own in that time which ultimately gave us our angel baby. Time well has healed that wound of a m/c but our baby will always live on in our hearts and memories.

I guess I have to realize we can't just keep having babies to have a baby in the house right? Although if we ever won the lottery so help my poor husband.


Joannah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you have a daughter named Jillian. Of course, I just love that name.

Maybe you could get your baby fix by working in your church's nursery during service times - if you attend a church. My aunt and my grandmother have both done that in the past just to get their baby fixes when no babies were in the family to love on.

Have a good one!

chelle said...

hehe I am 31 and I am DONE! Two is lots .. hehe! I love having Ethan here with us and experiencing the Newborn thing again ... but I am good now (I Hope!) I am not sure my body could handle much more wear and tear!

Jolene George said...

There really are babies everywhere. In my church there are more than I can count. I would have had one more baby if I didn't have such difficult pregnancies. Everyone has to decide whats best for their family.