Monday, April 9, 2007

RIP Season '06-'07

When I moved to Edmonton almost 2 years ago I never in a million years dreamt that I would become a hockey fan, I think Bruce was even more shocked. It all kinda happened like this.
Here it is the tail end of the '05-'06 hockey season and well the Oiler's all of a sudden end up in a great playoff race. So as you can imagine the city explodes into an Oiler flag frenzy, people painting their vehicles and you could so tell when they won a game it was anything but quiet out side.
And there were my daughters and I all caught up in the excitement and we started watching these games. Can you imagine soccer season right thru all this OMG all us parents were a mess. Bruce was going nuts as well he is not a sports fan at all, yes some wives would rejoice at this but my husband became the "hockey widower" as he began to refer to himself. The the grand finale the end game and what happens my CABLE goes out!! So there we are after the last soccer game of the season doing the dash to watch the game at my Aunt's. Alas they lost but oh the fun of that little run.
I got hooked during that playoff season and it stayed with me. e girls are in bed and Bruce isn't grumbling about it. I never thought I'd be sitting here writing these 2 years ago.
So now the season is over, the year was a bust. We lost players and the team lost their spirit but all was still fun to watch! So here's hoping next year is a better run. Even still I will be sitting there watching with excitment, with my Oilers' pen/window sing/beer stein/car visor/new mouse/shirt and my fave my Dwayne Roloson poster YUP my family went a bit crazy at x-mas and my b-day LOL.

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chelle said...

awww sorry the Oilers did not make it ... I am not a hug fan of hockey & J usually only watches the playoffs :)

Boy do we miss it now that we are gone!