Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Should I Marry?

"Mom should I marry? what I chuckle?? Well ya know when I'm older, should I marry?

Yes that was the walking to school conversation this morning with Kamryn my 5 year old LOL!! So my answer was kinda like well you can decide then hun!

I'm of course thinking well lets hope we have atleast another 20 years before we have to deal with this. We've decided that our game plan as parents is to make sure our kids have great jobs when they are older so we can live and mooch of off them. Good plan no?? I mean a parent can dream right?

I never know what is going to come out of my Kamryn's mouth. I 've had many a people or person?? tell me she has a career in tv one day. She just likes to talk and well her hands should be as tired as her mouth, they seem to tell just as much of the story.

Spring Break was great last week. We were almost snowless until Monday morning. I think Mother Nature had her days mixed up and pulled a very crule April Fool's joke. We have had snow again and our temps are below 0 BRRRR. I guess there was a reason why I hadn't put away all that winter stuff!

Mother Nature please release us from this snow! We HAVE had it since October um it is now April.


chelle said...

I have snow envy! So does my daughter, her Grandma arrived and now all she talks about is that she wants snow at her house ... Southern California is so not the right place!

Lisa said...

Your oldest sounds like quite a character. My son would be instantly smitten. He LOVES sassy girls. :-)

Nikki said...

We haven't had any snow here, but the weather has been wacky. We went from having 80 F temps to 57 F. But I should enjoy it, the summers here are extremely hot and humid..

Your daughter sounds like mine. She's 6 and she has already said when she grows up, she's not having kids because (and I quote) "They get on my aching nerves" LOL..

Much More Than A Mom said...

That's so cute! I love talking to kids.

Thanks for stopping by my place!


Jolene George said...

I'm thinking Kamryn is very entertaining for the whole family.