Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How fun would that be

I love watching cooking shows! My favorite has is has this one as it's chef

Isn't he dreamy! And he can cook! If I watch daytime TV this is it! I mean I'd dress up to go to the grocery store if I thought Curtis Stone might be lurking at my local Safeway. Pipe dream people unfortunately it's a pipe dream. Fortunately he's on every day at 2pm, thank goodness Jillian is napping again and I have the TV to myself. I think of the show and wonder hmmm what would I get him to cook us? His meals all looks oh so yummy! The desserts mmmmmm he just made chocolate lava cakes, I drool as I type.

Onto other notes.

Two weeks from tomorrow means Last Day of School! It has it's good points and it's bad. I could get to sleep in on occasion, or not? Depends on my kids. I could listen to them fight and bicker, or not? Ya right who am I kidding, LOL. I could go crazy when my routine gets mixed up with 2 extra kids at home, which is likely but adjustable. I'm really hoping the weather warms up and we can set up our rinky dinky but fun enough for the girls pool.

The best part is we'll be less than a month until we leave for Winnipeg. Wooohooo. I'm excited, the girls are excited. Bruce well not so much as he has to stay home and work/guard the fort and keep Piper the kitty company. The bright side is the fact that next year we'll get a family vacation! We've never had a family vacation, sad but true.


A, B & C said...

I have my own dreamy chef at home! My husband cooks most nights and really loves it. It's mainly because he's really good at it and he thinks that my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, but I'll take it!

chelle said...

Ooo that chef is dreamy! I saw him once when we lived in California at the Trader Joe's!! It was cool. But I jetted cause Becca was getting tired.

w00t for Summer!

Linlee said...

I wish I could cook! I try but lately I don't have enough time or energy.

wendster said...

... cooking? HA.

Today I am BOILING a roast. This is because I didn't decide WHAT to cook until today after church. The roast is in a tightly sealed thick plastic bag (vacuum pack kinda deal) so I threw it in a pot of boiling water, frozen. ha! I wonder what Curtis the cook would say to that?

I bet it turns out nice and moist, though ... as long as it isn't raw in the middle. lol!

Tristan just finished his last day of Nursery school. He'll be with me all summer long and I am grateful for this last chance to spend quality time with him before he starts Kindergarten.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the girls and that they will enjoy being home with their mommy.

Post pictures!