Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It doesn't take long for your babies to go from this:

to this:

Today is Jillian's 3rd birthday. It is a happy day and a sad day. It seems like yesterday we brought this little bundle of joy home. The one who took so long to make her way into the world.

Jillian is the sweetest little girl. Her newest phrase to melt Mommy's heart is "Mommy you're my best friend" She is full of hugs and kisses and quite a different personality than her big sisters had.

Yes she is quite the cheeky girl our Jillian. But she is a smart little one, and has mastered the art of doing up zippers and buttons. It may take a few tries but the determination she has is amazing. There is no grass growing under this little girls feet.

I love my days with her, it will be bittersweet when I send her off to pre-school this fall. I know she needs to get out and interact with kids her age and in this respect she needs it. It will be hard for Mommy to send her baby off even if it's only 2 hours a day 2 times a week.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Jillian Jiggs, you are much loved.


chelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Oooo she is just so precious!!!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Happy Birthday! She's so cute!

Jolene George said...

Awww...how cute is she! and I totally love the "Mommy, you're my best friend" That would melt my heart too!

A, B & C said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Jillian!

She is just adorable. But how could you remind me that in just one year I'll have to send my sweet baby to preschool as well!

Linlee said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! She's just adorable.

Enjoy 3. My daughter is about to be 4. I miss 3 already!

Fidget said...

She's adorable! Happy Birthday Jillian!!

Rach said...

Happy belated birthday to your precious girl!

Jacquie, I have no problem with you having my addy. Email me at: rachael.davis@cox.net and I'll give it to you.