Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's here!

I have been avoiding this for awhile now. What you may ask is that?? Well my 100th post! It should be an exciting time but then I go ya but but that means I need to do the 100 things about me and I get scared because I'm not sure I even know that many things LOL. But here goes.

100 Things About Me

1. I was born 6 weeks early.
2. Weighing 3lb 2oz.
3. I was a rat-like looking baby, sad but true.
4. I was called Tea-Cup Jacquelyn.
5. I actually could fit in the palm of someones hand, strange thought huh!
6. I was cared for by great people since I'm still here, which I think is pretty good considering I was born in 1974.
7. I had a great friend in my Nanny until I was 3 then she passed, I still long for time I have missed with her.
8. I have 2 Dad's
9. One is in Heaven. He raised me, and was awesome.
10. The other I have seen probably twice since I was 3, his loss.
11. I have 3 sisters. One older, two younger.
12. I remember only bits and pieces of my childhood, not sure why that is.
13. My Cabbage Patch Kid's name was Lyle Graham. I still have him.
14. I got a tape recorder one year for Christmas, yes a tape recorder LOL.
15. And a Twisted Sister cassette tape.
16. I guess that is when my love for Hairspray bands came about!
17. I camped alot as a child.
18. Nutimik Lake Whiteshell is the best camping place on earth (imo)
19. We used sticks and stones as fishing rods.
20. I caught a fish with that little set up.
21. I still remember when seat belts came into effect, I was 7 or 8.
22. I hate wood ticks!
23. I met my BFF in Gr 3 for the very 1st time.
24. We met back up in high school and are still friends.
25. I met more life long friends in junior high.
26. I was a band geek in Jr high.
27. And then in high school.
28. I played the flute.
29. We never went to band camp.
30. Our high school band was a marching band.
31. We were the only one in Manitoba.
32. We went to Moose Jaw, SK every spring for competitions.
33. I may have gotten caught drinking on one of these band trips.
34. I may have even been suspended.
35. My Mother may have said I was stupid for getting caught!
36. She may have even told the principal that.
37. My Mom was cool like that.
38. It was a lesson learned.
39. I went on a Caribbean cruise in Gr 12, what an awesome school trip.
40. I had a blast.
41. Our teacher got caught trying to not declare stuff crossing the border, what a fine example that was huh!
42. I graduated 17 years ago, it's kinda scary sounding.
43. I worked at a donut shop after I finished school
44. But my 1st job was renting tv's at a hospital by where we lived.
45. I also worked at a catering company.
46. I got pregnant when I was 20, it was an oops but a good oops.
47. It wasn't a lasting relationship then, but we're still friends now.
48. I went to school after I had Morgyn.
49. Nothing glamorous. I got my Health Care Aide certificate.
50. I called myself a professional "bum wiper", another sad but true LOL.
51. Morgyn and I were by ourselves for 2 years.
52. It was good for us.
53. I was introduced to Bruce in '96.
54. We still "owe" our friends who had this brain wave.
55. We dated even though we lived in different provinces (he was a trucker)
56. I moved to Calgary for a long hellish 8 months.
57. We lived with my future in-laws. Enough said right?
58. Went back to Winnipeg and Bruce came with us.
59. We were married in May '98.
60. Morgyns Dad was in our wedding party, ya kinda weird but we all get along.
61. I had trouble getting pregnant the next time around.
62. I knew I was the problem.
63. After 4 years I was diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome.
64. By a wonderful Dr. Lee, our miracle worker.
65. He helped me conceive Kamyrn within 3 months of meeting him (medically I mean LOL)
66. I'm thankful the problem was relatively easy to "fix".
67. I m/c our 3rd baby, it was then and still is heartbreaking.
68. I had Jillian, 1.5 years after that.
69. I packed up the kids and followed Bruce to Edmonton when I was 9 months pregnant.
70. I don't recommend moving while pregnant, it's quite emotional.
71. But I figured that was easier than moving with a new born.
72. I cried likely 10 out of the 14 hours it took us to get here.
73. Kamryn asked me at one point if I was going to ever stop.
74. Smart ass almost 4 year old she was.
75. I have adjusted to the move fairly well.
76. Although I miss my family and friends.
77. I have driven back to Winnipeg with the girls 3 times now.
78. I hate driving. But it's worth it in the end.
79. I have a bit of a crafty side.
80. I love making birthday cakes for my kids.
81. I hate cutting them up after, LOL
82. I love going to Michael's for craft ideas/projects.
83. I love a good book, when I get the chance to read.
84. I love watching the Food Network for new recipes ideas. I have tried a few.
85. I like a lot of different kinds of music.
86. I blew my concert budget last years. I saw Nickelback, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.
87. I sit on my hands when they announce concerts this year.
88. I love my husband and girls immensely.
89. I love to help someone if they need it.
90. I have a very nurturing nature.
91. I cry over the weirdest things, movies/tv's shows/books.
92. I'm a sap that's for sure.
93. I have 1 out of 3 girls that is just like me.
94. When I was a teen I caught John Stamos's sweat rag when we saw him at the car show. It was exciting when I was 14 LOL.
95. I don't think I still have it.
96. I love to keep everything, so it surprises me I threw it out.
97. I had to purge when we moved though, that was tough. But good.
98. I have a really good memory for some things. Usually strange random facts about my family and friends.
99. If I won the lottery I would have more kids.
100. I love blogging, even I don't always have a lot to say. Getting comments is kinda cool.


chelle said...

65. He helped me conceive Kamyrn within 3 months of meeting him (medically I mean LOL)


Love this! Congrats on 100!

Mrs. Spit said...

I used to get in trouble when I would say that the doctor got me pregnant. . .

Abbey said...

Great list- thanks for sharing! The doctor who "helped me get pregnant" was a woman, so no questions there.

I agree with you that moving is hard, but what a fun adventure too!

Leslie said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!

Andrea said...

I love hair bands, too

wendster said...


Keep on posting woman! I love to come and read your posts.

I had no idea you were a teeny preemie. Loved the story of your meeting with Bruce. what a love story.

Moving IS hard ... nuff said.