Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're having a blast!

Wow the last week has gone fast, it usually does on holidays right? We've had some busy days and some quiet ones, a good balance.

My friend Jennifer who was diagnosed with leukemia last summer is doing really well. Thankfully. She has cute new hair growth and looks fabulous. We're taking the kids to Tinkertown next week.

We went with my BFF and her girls yesterday to see Nim's Island. It was a cute movie, Jodie Foster was a funny agoraphobic (I think that's what it was). We're going to see Journey to the Center of the Earth next week, I kinda love Brendan Fraser.

I've got to meet my niece Isrielle, dang she's cute. She made strange the 1st day, but she also had a budding ear infection. We've been having fun since, she has the littlest feet and the darkest eyes ever.

My Moms birthday is tomorrow, we're all going for Chinese food. Yum!

Just little update that has taken forever using an on-screen keyboard, very painful lol. Pictures and such to follow in a few weeks when we're back home.

Happy Summer!


Much More Than A Mom said...

Glad you're having fun!

A, B & C said...

Sounds like fun... enjoy yourself!

chelle said...

Awww Happy summer to you too! Glad you are having a great time!