Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow 14!! Where did that come from!

Yup 14 years ago at this time I was holding my 1st born daughter, Miss Morgyn Kathlyn Lydia entered the world. Her bright brown eyes looking around in wonder, the long legs and arms. She was a spindly baby she looked as if she needed to be fed.

Now those arms and legs have filled out to a beautiful girl. Who has the nerve to be taller than me already LOL. Ask me how she likes them apples, LOL.

We have settled into the teen years well enough. Is that possible? Some days I think if I hear "whatever" anymore I'm going to scream!! And the eye rolling, ugh how did my parents put up with 4 of us??

We had a party tonight. Just a family thing, the friends party comes in September when she's back in school it seems easier that way every ones back from holidays then.

So what one might ask does a 14 year old girl want for her birthday?? Well other than the usual clothes and jewelry mine seems to like the idea of a hermit crab. Which apparently is the new "trend" here, or it seems anyways. Morgyn was at the mall the other day with her Nanny and cousins and they all came home gushing about these little crabs that you can buy as a pet. I have to still upload some pictures and then I will show off Hermie the Hermit Crab.

So I will end off say Happy 14th Birthday my girl. I love you xxxxxooooo


chelle said...

She is so gorgeous!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Fidget said...

happy birthday! and WTH is with the hermit crabs? They are crazy popular right now

Jamie said...

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