Friday, November 7, 2008

So what's in your playlist?

My favorite songs change quite often. I love to put on a good play list and get to cleaning. Here are my faves at the moment.

1. Womanizer, Britney Spears
2. Love Remains The Same, Gavin Rossdale
3. Troubador, George Straight
4. Hot and Cold, Katy Perry
5. Everybody Want To Go To Heaven, Kenny Chesney
6. All Summer Long, Kid Rock
7. Better In Time, Leona Lewis
8. Just Dance, Lady Gaga
9. Disturbia, Rhianna
10. Love Story, Taylor Swift
11. Last Dollar, Tim McGraw
12. I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry
13. She Never Cried In Front of Me, Toby Keith
14. Let It Go, Tim McGraw
15. Beautiful You Are, Deborah Cox
16. Fly On the Wall, Miley Cyrus
17. So What, Pink

I kind of like an assortment of music.
So what are your favorite songs on your playlists these days?


chelle said...

I am liking the Kid Rock Album and Feist odd combo but the newest music I have. I just bought J the new ACDC for our anniversary but shhh don't tell :P

Leslie said...

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours. LOVE IT. Other than that, I can't get those songs from Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie out of my head thanks to my four-footer.

Brittany George said...

I am really into the Band Saving Abel these days. They got some great guitar.

wendster said...

I have old stuff on mine with a little new mixed in, and with some Sesame St mixed in for Tristan. Boogie Woogie Sheep is one that we BOTH love.
I also love Zombie Jamboree by Rockapella, Ricky Martin: She Bangs, Come With Me from Godzilla, Ludo: Love me Dead, Evanessence: My Immortal, Q Feel: Dancing In Heaven, Fall Out Boy: This Aint a Scene, John Denver: It's About Time, Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up, George Winston (piano music), David Lanz (piano music: the Crane, Cristofori's Dream, Dancing on the Berlin Wall) Michael Nyman: The Heart Asks Pleasure First, Finger Eleven: Paralyzer, ... yeah ... I've got a bunch. I agree with you that I love to put on a good play list before I get cleaning. What a good idea to share play lists like this! This looks like a fun idea. I might post mine too!

clarkie300 said...

The new Killers album, lots of Coldplay, and a bunch of Tragically Hip (I'm Canadian eh?)