Thursday, June 7, 2007

A scare is a scare

So my sister had a bit of a scare this past week. She is 16 weeks pregnant or so, and back in January she had the good old faithful PAP test. Well she ended up with abnormal results and they called her and had booked her in to do this wedge biopsy. Well here she is doing reading up and they say it shouldn't really be done when you are pregnant. So she calls the office and speaks to the nurse who says the it is ok Dr will do it anyways since she is a level 4. Which apparently means she had a high number of cancer cells that were visible. So our Mom goes to work (she has worked in a hospital for about 26 years) and starts asking some questions. The answers were NOT what we wanted to hear. So of course we were in a bit of a "mood" shall I say all weekend. My sister goes to the Dr this past Tuesday and is like well I'm pregnant I don't think I want to have this done, the Dr had no clue since her nurse never passed along that little tidbit of info um HELLO??? But in the mean time the Dr does another test and says that it seems as if her levels have dropped, which is good and can apparently can happen when you end up pregnant after the abnormal PAP she had. So as it stands now she needs to go back in October and after the baby is born to see what is up. So far I can only pray she has dodged that "C" bullet, we have had lot in our family.


Lisa said...

Whew. Hope all goes well for her. Hope she dodges that bullet too!

in the pink said...

I hope she'll be doing just fine.

My pray for her.

Jolene George said...

That is such a scary thing. I hope she has a healthy pragnancy and when she goes in for the test in October, all things will be fine.

wendster said...

Glad to hear that your sister was issued a reprieve. I don't much care for the idea of procedures during pregnancies. I loved your ladybugs! And I loved the part of the Shrek movie where Gingy had a little "accident" and a gumdrop hit the floor. HA. He is funny. Have you seen Finding Nemo? The sea gulls all say: "Mine?" Sounds like your girls. It definitely sounds like my toddler! Thanks for the link to doing the slide show. I just got my internet back today so I will try it very soon. Have to take off for a seminar right now.
Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to visiting yours often.

chelle said...

eeeps that is so scary. I have had a biopsy on my cervix not fun. But since then I have been free and clear! Sending positive vibes!