Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Reads and Summer Vacation

These days it seems to find a good book is hard. You sometimes have to do a word of mouth thingy. One of the blogs I stalk ;-) has just finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter and is passing the book along to a reader. I love me a good book and while time doesn't always allow me the luxury of reading often when I find a good book I'm all over it. So time will tell if I become a lucky reader winner, if not oh well I shall have to truck down to my local library then.

So there are now 3 more sleeps till summer vacations starst for my girls. See good reading opportunity just awaiting. This summer brings us lots of friends travelling our way to visit. Yay! We have been here in Edmonton 2 years now and well I miss friends we left behind. Then our travels take us back to our hometown Winnipeg for a visit. The girls and I will be heading out at the end of July, Bruce well he is staying behind and working since he has just been at this new company a few months. My Mom is hitching a ride back with us for what has become her annual summer vacation to visit us. She will be here for Morgyn's 13th birthday in August and Morgyn is quite excited about that.

So am I ready for my kids to be home for 2 months straight, time will tell. The older girls will also have a few truck rides with Daddy in between company etc. there might even be a "kid free" truck ride for Mommy to go on when Nanny is here. Woohoo a night or two away is always a good refresher. So that is a bit of our summer plans.



chelle said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Totally recommend it! My friend lent it to me and I finished it super fast considering the two kids, upcoming move factor!

Yay for summer!

Kimberly said...

I am not much of a reader...mainly because I don't have time. Wish I had time. Have a great summer vacation.

Overwhelmed! said...

Thanks for entering my book giveaway drawing!

I’ll throw your name in the hat and the winners will be announced this coming Saturday!

Cheryl Wray said...

It's funny..I just posted a long post on books!!
I haven't read The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but want to now!

Coleen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow, it sure is a small world. I was out of the blogging world for a while, while we got settled. Took us a lont time to find a place and it still isn't what we want. But we took a short term lease just in case! Nice to here you are in Edmonton too! I don't know a single soul here. My whole family is in Toronto. So it's nice to "meet" you!