Friday, June 15, 2007

My Dad

My Dad where do I start? He was a good man, a very kind hearted and sensitive one. It is ironic that it turned out that his kind heart was a broken one. This meaning my Dad was only 37 when he suffered his 1st almost fatal heart attck. It started a 10 long year battle that he finally lost Oct 30/97. He was actually given a new chance when he had his heart transplant in Sept '06 but sadly after a few mistakes at a local hospital his new heart a perfect match, was ruined.

Growing up we did alot of camping as kids, how he and my Mom loaded us 4 girls up in a 2 door car for 2 weeks still amazes me, no min-van's back then. LOL. He and my Mom didn't stay married but in the ends had become friends. My sister's and I use to go on Sundays and he would bar-b-que a great meal and we would play canasta. He loved to cook and loved even more cooking for us. He would be known to share a sip or 2 of wine with Morgyn, one day I think she had too much after we watched her playing in the rain under and eaves trough. He felt so bad. I use to play crib with him alot and a proud to say I was playing with him when he got the elusive "29" hand, man he was excited!!

My Dad's motto kinda became "life is to short to fight" with anyone. He learned this the hard way, but like I said after all the years of fighting with my Mom they were friends when he died.

My youngest sister was and still is alot like my Dad, I find that she has his laugh which is one of those infectious ones where every one would end up laughing to. I am glad she will be here this weekend with us.

I think sometimes it is sad he missed meeting 3 out of his 6 grandkids. I found this very apparent one day when Kamryn and I had this conversation

Kamryn: Mom what did Grandpa look like?
Me: Well you have seen the picture of him in my bedoom.
Kamryn: Well yes but ya know I have NEVER heard his VOICE!

OMG insert mega tears here. I don't know where she came up with that one but well that's my Kamryn. So what mostly the kids will remember about Grandpa is going and visiting him and feeding the ducks! We just know he loves to watch them bound thru the cemetary.

I had an experience that I will never forget on the 1st anniversary of his death. His favorite song was "To Be With you" by Mr. Big. So I was getting into my van to go and pick up my sister to go to his grave, as I got in I flipped on my radio and sure as shit what song was playing! I bawled like a baby and when I got around the corner to pick up my sister well she looked at me and I'm like LOOK what song isplaying on the radio. I now know whenever I hear that song on the radio my Dad is with me.

So that is a bit about my Dad. We will miss him this Sunday and now having moved we don't have the luxury of visiting him, but my sister and I and the kids will surely be thinking of him.


chelle said...

aww you have me in tears ... your Dad sounds awesome! Hugs so sorry for your loss!

wendster said...

What a great idea to blog about your dad. My dad is sick with prostate cancer and congestive heart failure and has to watch his sugar ... but he's hanging in there. OH MY GOSH! I DIDN'T CALL HIM TODAY!! And now it's too late to call!!!! Dagnabbit! Now I am the daughter of the year. lol.
My little one has been the wall artist too. All of my kids did it, but Tristan does it the most. I think he wants to be like his mommy, the painter.
Hey ... I heard something cool: Whenever you lose someone, the lost person will actually send people into your life who will have those seam character traits that you are missing in that lost person. Say your Dad hummed beer barrel polkas, and once he died you miss hearing him hum polkas, but if you look around, you will find beer barrel polkas being hummed all around you because your father is sending that into your life.
cool huh? It totally works. I have tested it over and over and totally believe it.
Happy Father's Day. Good to have good memories to keep you company.