Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I See A White Wall

And I Want to Paint it BLACK!! Oh ya and a t.v, a t.v. stand, a crib, a dresser and the piece de resistance MYSELF. Jillian was signing this to herself this morning, well that of course was after I had found her covered in black permanent markwe and started humming it myself. So after I cleaned her up I started to discover her other "art treasures". I had thrown out all the permanent black markers but my resourceful little one found another.

Isopropryll Alcohol is me new best friend, well to everything BUT the walls. It didn't come off them.

So after a stint in the "naughty corner" Jillian has been slinking around the house. Seepishly going "hiiiii" Momma's NOT buying it this time.

And yes I know you are all wondering ok where WAS Momma when Jillian was being the artist of the year, well I was doing ya know the laundry, tidying up all that fun stuff. She was with me downstairs and then obviously she headed back upstairs when I was turned around. So yes that is my BAD parenting moment of the day!

I was telling Bruce about when he phoned and he was like I so don't remember Morgyn and Kamryn doing that stuff. Nope me either but we discovered at an early age Jillian was NOT like the other 2.

So I am off for MY turn in the naughty corner for BAD parenting, now I wish I was 2 again since Jillian well her time there is relativley short. 33 mintues will likely be an eternity ;-)


A, B & C said...

My little brother did that once! But with crayons. All I remember is being really happy that I wasn't in trouble! Is this what I have to look forward to with Love Bug?

chelle said...

oh my ... I am so sure I would lose my temper with black marker! You are awesome ... they slip away so fast!

Kimberly said...

My son was the artist in our family. But he drew on his sheets and walls and bookshelves and hummm, I am sure there was something else. Have a great day! We all have our bad mommy moments!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness!! I know that was frustrating! But you know, every child does this at some point! Last year, my youngest poured blue paint all over my dining room floor. I about had a fit!

Lisa said...

Oy... Hey, I can still point to various spots in the house we live in now -- where Seth decided to "decorate." I was pissed too. Was too lazy to clean them up. But now I'm glad they are there. (Wierd, huh?)

kristi said...

We had the same thing happen. But my son did it on the wood (laminate) floor! A HUGE circle on the floor and he was so very proud. Alcohol took it off (with a little scrubbing)