Monday, June 18, 2007

Jillian is 2 today! Happy Birthday

It seems like the last 2 years have flown by. It seems like yesterday we were heading off to the hospital to have our 3rd baby. My Dr had me on the induction list for almost 2weeks as he figured she was going to be HUGE! Turns out I just had alot of amniotic fluid. Jillian was only 8lbs 6oz.

After my induction with Kamryn I though ack this will be a piece of cake (yes I know ha ha ha ha). It soon was evident that was not to be the case. After trying my darndest with walking, walking, and more walking I was even mowing the grass when we finally got to the the hospital I was a measly 2cm dialated. So they put in the gel to see if that would help. Nope. Twelve hours after the 1st application I was only 4cm dialated. It wasn't until they decided to break my water at midnight that we actually saw some action. I had never had a labour like this and being our 3rd I had figured it was going to be the easiest! This is when I decided that an epidural was for me! My Dr had me scared to push out my HUGE baby. After 2 babies with nothing drug wise (well that is not entirely true with Morgyn I had 1 shot of demerol early on) I figured now was the time to opt for some help. It was only 3.5 from my water breaking to having Jillian. All in all she was the longest birth, longer than her sisters combined LOL. But after almost and hour of pushing she was here. I had some really impatient people back home waititng for the phone call.

It seems that she also kinda got stuck in there the poor girl and her heart rate decelerated a few times to the point where they were threatening a c-sec, but our super awesome nurse did this leg manouver and it seemed to work as we had progress. But she was so bruised my poor baby. Later that morning the pediatric Dr came and said she needed to go to the NICU because her O-2 levels were a little off. Ask me how scary that was too find her in there, she looked so helpless hooked up to all these wires and such. Although when I looked around she was literally 2x the size of some of the other babies there. It kept us in the hospital a little longer which really played on my emotions. They were off as it was since we had only been for just over a month and that was still raw.

Today she is my monkey, terrible 2's have set in LOL. Which I can honestly say is a 1st for us. But this little girl is full of love. She chatters up a storm but seems to be hung up on NO! NO this NO that NO everything. She loves to torment her sisters. Her new favorite thing is having books read to her she loves Holi (aka Dora) Franklin and Clue!

So Happy 2nd Birthday my girl. You are so loved.
Now I'm off to make a Clue cake, wish me luck.


chelle said...

awwww Happy Birthday Jillian!!! Beautiful birth story. Isn't great how everyone is different!

Jolene George said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jillian.
Yu're going to be so glad you wrote all that stuff down. :o)

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, what a great scrapbook page! I need some lessons from you. :)

Happy 2nd Birthday to your Jillian! My little guy turned 2 1/2 this past week, so our kids are close in age. :)

Thanks for your supportive comment on my most recent adoption post. I do appreciate it!