Saturday, December 29, 2007

Phew!! Christmas Was Good

But it seriously kicked my butt!! I swear I act like I don't know it's coming each year, well not every year but this year for sure. I was so far behind it wasn't even funny. Jillian was sick for almost a week, which didn't help much as she clung to me glue. Poor girl, it was not pretty.

But I have to say they raked it in my 3 little bandits. The best gift had to be the Buttersctoch Pony aka Sara. A bit of a price stretch but hey when you have people sending you money to buy for your kids, it is easy to become frivolous. But this pony is seriously cool, she freaked me out when we 1st turned her on. That was of course after we pulled her out of the box headless, LOL!! Jillian wasn't a bog fan the 1st day, fatigue I guess will do that to you. But I swear Sara gave me the eye and was staring me down, I kid you not. She kept blinking at me, winking at me, wiggling her ears at me. It kinda creeped me out enough that I had to leave the room. Bruce is like well I would really be scared if you woke up and she was standing at the edge of the bed, I half expect that to happened courtesy of my smart ass DH. Sara really is quite cute now that I have gotten use to her staring me down and winking.

My favorite gift if I had to choose of course was Dharma and Greg season 1. I loved that show! When I saw it in the store I new I couldn't buy it for myself just before Christmas. But that is where a sister comes in, who happens to have been with you. Aren't sisters awesome!!!

Other than that it really was just a nice day. The weather was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for more. Well except for phone lines that weren't over loaded, that kinda sucked butt.

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chelle said...

WOW!!!! You guys got a HORSE!

Too cool!