Sunday, March 11, 2007

What do people want to know?

As I start up this blogging thing I sit and think hmmm what do people out there who might happen upon this little bit about me want to know?

Is there such things as to little? to much? in between? I imagine as time goes on that things will kinda wind their way down a road meant for me. Until then well bear with me. Having been a reader for awhile now I look at this whole set up and think man there is alot that I need to learn! I'm not exactly a computer whiz, which leads to alot of uh-oh's LOL.

I have come across a great many writers out there that make me think WOW how can little old me follow in their shoes?

1 comment:

chelle said...

Just let it flow and try not to worry about readers too much! It is hard not to, but you'll feel more free to just write :)