Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break and weird music.

Yipeeeee Spring Break is here. To boot it even is starting to look like spring I even had a lovely little lake in the corner of my basement to prove it GRRRRRRR!!! Crossing fingers thats it for this year.

So the other day Morgyn ever so nicely told me I use to listen to "weird" music! This coming from the kid who went to the Billy Talent concert in January with her Dad (which hey was quite fair as I did Hilary Duff while I was 6mths pregnant). And to sum up what Dad said well it was 3 hours of screaming of well how do you spell how they scream these bands?? I guess the only words that were understandable were the swear words, see how I lucked out a good ole Hilary.

So awhile back I downloaded some old stuff I hadn't heard in a while, a bit of Motley Crue, Poison, Scorpions, Quiet Riot Cinderella even some Twistes Sister for good old nostalgic I mean was I the only one out there excited as a 9 yr old to get the Twisted Sister cassette tape for x-mas??

And this I'm told was the weird music? I guess that I can only hope that one day she is in my shoes and her kids are like OMG Mom that Billy Talent/Fall Out Boys/My Chemical Romance music is so weird! I have to say that these bands are ok too.

I enjoy alot of different varieties of music, weird and all I guess old and new.

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chelle said...

We had some awesome weather, then it just stopped now it is all gloomy and cool .... it's a bummer!

hehe on the music. I am sure my daughter will crinkle her nose at me someday. I am so adoring all the hairspray bands you were kicking it too!