Friday, November 16, 2007

Band Trips

Having been a "band geek" myself I chuckled when Morgyn decided to go into band last year. Well when she came home saying Mr. Saul had decided where the gr 8/9 band trip is going I was scared. Ok, drum roll. California here they come! Yep he has decided to do a band trip to California.

Now as a mother I have to think back to my own band trips (which I might add didn't start until gr. 10). They were fun, yes they were. There might have been a few illegal drinking activities going on. Said mother might have gotten caught in the act on said band trips, and then getting herself suspended. Ooops.

But I digress. I as this mother had to decide whether I wanted to send my child off without us into another country for 5 very long days. I needed to put my fears aside of doing so and come to the conclusion that she is being offered a chance of a lifetime. So we decided to let her go!

Sounds like it will be a fun trip I mean Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach and a trip to Hard Rock Cafe. I think I am jealous LOL. My band trips went to Moose Jaw, SK.

I will not lie and say that I'm not scared to death letting her go all by herself, but going as a chaperon isn't feasible with 2 other kids. But again I can't let my fears control me. Anyone have any tips on souvenir shopping LOL??


chelle said...

hehe my Dad is in Moose Jaw.

How exciting it is a great region!!! That is just where we were!

She will have a blast! What memories

fidget said...

I remember my 1st overnight school trip! I blew all my money the first day and practically starved for 3 days. I hope she has more money sense then I did!! I, though, was in the 4th grade and never held more then $10 in my hand up until that point

Cheryl Wray said...

My oldest dd has been in band since 6th grade and loves it. She marched last year in her freshman year and did color guard (dance/flag) this year and just loved it!!!!!

Susan said...

Ha! I was a total band geek, co captain of the colorguard. Just reading your entry about your daughter brings it all back. Exciting for your daughter. Was in a Drum and Bugle corp and on tour we got to go to Hamilton Canada. That was pretty exciting to cross the border to a foreign country! You know those crazy Canadians and all;)))

A, B & C said...

This sounds like a great trip. You are such a great Mom to put aside your fears to let her go! Has she ever been to Disney before- the rides aren't that scary, but it's a beautiful place. The San Diego Zoo is supposed to be incredible. Hope she has fun!