Monday, November 12, 2007

Time Flies

It seems as if it has been forever since I have posted. Then I think WOW I really have a boring life, he he he. Ah well what can ya do?

We have had some colds floating around the house, mainly Morgyn who in turn shared with me. UGH, we teach this kids to share but come on there has to be a line right?

As November creeps on I get more and more excited that Christmas is on the way. I love the holiday season so much. There is nothing more peaceful to me than a decorated Christmas full of lights. Turn off the lights, plug in the tree and I am done in, I could sit for hours.

This years is kinda fun, I am participating in my 1st Christmas "swap". I have had a great time shopping albeit humming and hawing on whether I think my swap buddy will like what I have selected. I have read she likes homemade stuff, so that is always right up my alley WOOHOO craft time is coming. I have a Christmas card exchange going on also with cards heading all the way to the UK and Australia, how fun is that! Finally I have a secret Santa pal who I am sending off too. I love how the Internet brings you so much closer to all over the world.

This past weekend I helped my Aunt put together a scrapbook for her friend, a 1st time scrapping for both of us. So from Friday night 6pm to Saturday afternoon 3pm (we did have a break LOL) we put together a 50+ page album for her friends "50th" birthday. My Aunt didn't enjoy this so much, my advice was as such "Don't wait till the day before to start"


chelle said...

I am getting really excited about Christmas too!!!
Shopping for the swap was so much fun, wrapping it up is even more fun!

Susan said...

Swaps seem so fun! I will be Stateside at Christmas, so not this year. But enjoy, the international community is fun.

A, B & C said...

I have not been blogging in awhile either. We haven't really had an internet connection while we're visiting different family.
I'm so excited about Christmas too!

wendster said...

Remember me!?!? My computer has been SO dead. My husband is out so I am on his laptop catching up on my blogging while my little guy watches Meet the Robinsons.
I'm glad you got to see all of those concerts this year, and that was a nice post about your dad. Beautiful that his laugh is still with you when your sister laughs. Your post about your little jumping bean cracked me up. Tristan is my little high wire act. He has to balance on everything that is high up. YIKES. His heart melter sentence is: I so love you Mommy! Merry Christmas!!!!! And since I say "Thank you sir" to him all the time, he always says it to me. I love when he calls me sir.
What fun things you have going for Christmas already! Wow! I don't have ANYTHING going on! Just finished court proceedings with my ex ... that took my free time. That and painting my front door blue! Man I love my front door now!!! I MUST post a photo of it on my blog. Just have to find a way to upload the photos . .. . my computer sometimes runs for hours, and sometimes it shuts itself down every two or three minutes. You just never know. Yesterday it had a bad day. Today it had another one. We'll see about tomorrow.
Hockey, huh? I don't watch any sports. Never acquired the taste. But I think it's so fun that other people do. Seems like quite a fun community.
OK. Stop in and see me sometime. Hope you didn't forget me while my computer was being a halloween zombie ... dead dead dead!

Jolene George said...

A Christmas swap sounds fun.
Tell Morgyn that sharing is a good things, but not so much with germs. :o)