Monday, October 15, 2007

Life With a 2 Year Old

Wow it has been awhile since my last post.

But on with life with a 2 year old. It would seem being on my 3 daughter this would be old hand, but not so much. Jillian is so different that her older sisters were at that age she leaves me in constant amazement. Well that and sometimes constant banging my head on the wall. This girl is mix of everything. She is sweet, loveable, stubborn, bossy, playful, helpful, cute as a button, trouble, smart and lately it seems as if she might have been a Mexican jumping bean in a previous life ;-)

Now that Morgyn and Kamryn are in school full time it is just us from 8:30am - 3:35pm. I think she is enjoying not having to share Momma with anyone and has decided naps are NOT for her. Oh joy. It works well until about 5:00 and then the horns start to appear. But during the day she loves to help "clean". The new favorite word is "sur"e. Well that and noOpe, that one she has mastered. Every morning after I read the paper, and she has learned well let Momma read the paper 1st then we can do her favorite puzzle (my paper is my coffee in the morning). This morning she was so funny I had just put the paper down and she comes over "Momma, paper done? Come puzzle"

The jumping thing?? My Aunt keeps telling me she is our boy in disguise, she jumps everywhere and has NO fear whatsoever. It scares me a bit. But she jumps up the stairs, down the stairs, from the loveseat to the footstool to the chair, from the arm of the couch onto the couch, the bed and her crib! It is crazy. But it's always see Momma "jumping".

This kid is funny she has the Puss in Boots look down pat minus the hat and stands there with the "look" and her hands together as if she were "praying". "Pease Momma Pease" the kid is good!!

When it comes to supper time she is learning to set the table, usually it is a fight with Kamryn who puts on what but in the end it gets done and while we may have some knives and forks upside down, sideways LOL it gets done. She also loves to "put" away the vacuum, it is something else to watch her take her little foot and press the button to retrack the cord back in.

The other day we were spelling her name so she would repeat what I said, or try.
She does well but the L's trip her up, which would probably explain why she calls her Auntie Liz - Auntie Dick?? But as we spelled I would say J and she would repeat all the way to A instead of A she says B! It was kinda funny.

But if anything the days/moments she drives me bonkers and scares the crap out of me jumping are made up with the "wuv you" she has come to say. She can melt hearts with that one.


chelle said...

Oh she is so beautiful! Isn't it wonderful that all three girls are unique!

A, B & C said...

She sounds like a fun little girl! It's makes me excited (and a little scared) for all my adventures with Love Bug in the coming months and years. What will you do when all 3 are in school?

kristi said...

Oh, I love her little dress!